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Shahil Lakhani
Shahil Lakhani

Shahil Lakhani

Marketing Director at MCS

Meritocracy Consultancy Services


Shahil Lakhani is a member of:

Current job profile
I am currently associated with Meritocracy Consultancy Services asBusiness Head which is into diversified businesses like HR Management, IT consulting and Education. I am heading two verticals for MCS i.e. HR Solutions and Technology Consulting.Being the leader, I own the responsibility of making the organization profitable and increase the growth by innovating solutions. My major focus in MCS is to innovate solutions for our clients, handle product development, create systems for implementing the solutions, and monitor the results and ensuring utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Apart from professional life, I am also involved with Social Ventures,NGO's and Non-Profit Organizations which are working towards providing different programs for economical enhancements with which underprivileged families can grow in the areas of education, health, economic development and many such areas. My portfolio with NGO is economic development where we work for families which belong to lower and middle income groups. The programs are designed to provide and monitor their financial growth and providing Sustainable businesses for the future of India. I may not be doing much from my end to contribute to the society, however I believe in the saying "Even one drop counts".

Leadership qualities
If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it is that good leadership skills aren’t needed solely for people who run countries or big companies. There’re for everyone. Very few people become great leaders overnight. It takes time and practice.  A leader’s actions must inspire others to become better people because he is in a powerful position to make someone’s life so much better. And if he can empower others to believe in their dreams, actions or themselves, then he‘ll find his followers become forever grateful and loyal.
The very essence of leadership is he needs to lead himself before leading others. Leadership success always starts with the Vision. It's got to be a vision,the leader need to articulate clearly and forcefully on every occasion. A leader without Passion isn’t a leader. He’s a paper pusher. Or a taskmaster. Or a government employee. Passion drives a lot, and a leader can inspire so much in others through your own passion and enthusiasm. That doesn’t mean a leader have to be constantly cheery, it means he got to believe in what he is doing and what his company is doing. An effective leader takes Responsibility. He or she doesn't try to figure out a way to escape the mess that might have been created. Instead, a great leader faces the issue and deals with the problems as they come.Furthermore, the successful leader Drives the Team is not only about leading in a specific direction, it is also about correcting and steering things back on the right direction when they do get off track.

Ensuring growth
To grow as a leader, I do these simple steps and it has not let me down anytime:
I’ve always been an avid book reader, it helps me expose to new ideas and fills me with enthusiasm and energy. It also helps me re-focus my mind on what I want and need to be doing to be successful. I learn best practices from the things which I read and those open doors for me and help me to adapt to change. It helps me to involve as an active contributor to the society. Moreover and makes possible to introduce new way of doing things and taking risks.

My advice to professionals
There are several lessons for budding and upcoming leaders to take on the future battles effectively.
The future leaders must be blend of doers, planners and teachers. Plan that can create difference to your career, to your family, to the organization you work with and to the society. Do things which are result oriented and measurable. Teach your teams to perform them effectively.

I would like to convey to all the young and aspiring leaders that whatever you may do for your professional or personal self, never forget to work for the society, try to innovate technologies that can bring difference to the society and there is no better satisfaction then contributing to the mankind.

Connecting right dots by avoiding mistakes
One of the most important things to ensure that you are connecting the right dots is by self-evaluation
•    Evaluate what has been planned
•    Evaluate what results we expect from it
•    Evaluate the systems and the direction
•    Evaluate customer feedback

Influenced by
There are many names that have influenced my life in different ways, like Mahatma Gandhi for his fearless approach, for the way he has driven our country towards freedom movement. I also admire Mother Teresa for her passion to do good for the society, dedication towards volunteering for Missionaries of Charity until her last breath. In fact she was head of Missionaries of Charity and worked till the age of 87 is itself an inspiration to all.
Handling grievances
I think this is really a great question and a challenge faced by almost all the employers.I believe effective grievance management is an essential part of a leader. I’ll always strive to create an ideal work environment so that my employees remain loyal and to keep employee productivity and high morale. In-fact very recently, I along with my team started working on creating an innovative solution to manage employee grievances. There are different factors that can manage employee grievances and one of the easiest and most effective ways is constant communication.
To handle the employee’s grievances and issues appropriately, following actions can be taken:
•    Preliminary Investigation: Investigate to identify underlying causes, the individuals involved and impacted, and the extent of the problem
•    Interview all participants: Conduct personal interviews with everyone involved in the issue.This gives all employees ample opportunity to express.
•    Pinpoint the Causes and understanding what solutions can be provided to ensure maximum satisfaction of employees, without losing the values of an organization
•    Monitor the solution:After a solution has been implemented, monitoring them and periodically interview the employees affected to assure their satisfaction with the outcome.
Most important career decision
Most Crucial decision I have taken in my career is to leave my job and start something of my own. Throughout my career, I always had a passion to innovate, to work on new things, by which I can create positive difference for my clients / stakeholders. Past few years I am involved with Meritocracy Consultancy Services (MCS) and have always tried finding out what challenges my clients are facing to ensure I come up with innovative solutions. It’s the challenge which leads to innovation and it’s the innovation that creates better future. I have worked on challenges related to Employee Turnover, Employee Grievances, Employee Engagement and helped many corporate clients in overcoming such challenges with new innovative tools. I also look forward to work in the areas of Education, Skill Development, Competency Development and many more.

My view on India technical development
It is a fact that India is one of the few markets globally actually generating minds of great technical talent, potential ability for inventing new and newer technical benchmarks and a definite capable technologist to make a difference in its arena like Just dial, Educomp Solutions Ltd., Flipkart and many more.
We can make significant effort to improve our countries technical support by collaborating the existence leadership with the future leadership who can provide support and guidance in both formal and informal level in bringing out the concepts into reality. This helps them to improve their capabilities to pursue value goals and dreams. “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could, because someone else thought that they could”.

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