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Deepanjan Paul
Deepanjan Paul

Deepanjan Paul

Advisory System Analyst at IBM India

IBM India Pvt Ltd.


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Important lesson learned
Life is the ultimate teacher. It keeps on imparting lessons every moment.It is up to us to accept or reject it. I did my MCA from IGNOU and it being an Open University had to face a huge struggle to get into MNCs. I am really grateful to HCL technologies my first MNC job. I had to face a lot of rejections before it even after clearing all the interview steps in many companies, on inquiring I got open University the cause of rejection. I learnt that rejections do give a lot of pain but if we can digest that and learn from it, we become a very strong mentality to handle defeat. Life has taught me that unless I learn to loose I cannot enjoy victory.
Influenced by
I cannot single out any particular person who influenced me. People have been like flowing of river water just helping and moving out. I have been fortunate to have helping friends.Still I always got influenced by the teachings of Lord Krishna in Mahabharata. It helps me a lot to find the route when stuck badly.The second source of influence is bit strange. Its the lovely ghazals of Jagjit Singh. I have been listening to it since class 4. Its so enriched that it helps me to boost my inner strength. I can straight way single out the albums like insearch and insight just teaches me the way to lead in life.
My achievements
The list is too short. The highest glory was getting the Guiness Book World Record Certificate and also being a part of 2010 Common Wealth Games. The common wealth games specially exposed me to international even management. Though the whole event was surrounded by corruption we the volunteers worked with own pride and served the nation. I did publish a book on the experience of it. "Volunteering Common Wealth Games A Priceless Experience"
Brief description about me
I am currently working in IBM.I am working in c/c++/java. My domain is telecom. I have a total IT experience of 9 yrs. Apart from work I have tried hands on mobile App development.I am a Guinness Book record holder as I was a part of the world Record for Mobile App Development for Windows 8 in Bangalore. I also have my app live in Android Market. I keep on embracing the latest technologies. Apart from technical work I have a deep passion for writing and taking part in Volunteering Sports Activities. I was an official volunteer of Common Wealth Games 2010 and Airtel Marathon.I believe that Sports like technology knows no boundaries.
Couple of years from now
In a couple of years I see myself stable in my current company. I joined my current company just 1 year back so its early days.I too have been working in parallel for starting up a small start up which would primarily take care of imparting computer education and project development. Currently it is in its infancy.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
The most important is lending ears. Once you hear others then only others will listen to you. The next step is to perform. Leadership should not just be in words but in action too. Apart from these fundamental qualities you need to think ahead. For instance in the field of technology I cannot keep on thinking c/c++ , I have to step out and embrace Android etc . I have to keep in pace with the changing technology and also be innovative.
My strongest skill
My strongest professional skill is my never to give up attitude. In this complex and ever changing world of tech and programming its not possible to know everything all the time. Every day I encounter new things and I simply try to understand and learn it.That is the only way we can advance.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
The Education system in India is one of the best in the world , yet we fail to deliver. The main reason is at the grass root level. Indian parents still believe that engineering and medical are the two professions which backs them return in money. They are least bothered if the student is really taking interest. I have come across many students who say that they have completed Btech because their parents wanted it and now they are preparing for the civil/IAS.IIT has been doing a fabulous job by not getting into corruption over the years and also maintaining the standards.Sadly the rest does not match. IIM too has come down in breaking its course to reach the working professionals and earn money. I think from class 9 onward , proper streaming should be available to every students and parents so that the mad race to become an Engineer should end.
Important decision
I cannot single out any one decision which changed everything. Initially I was in teaching.I had a desire to be in the mid of technology rather than just confining myself in preparing future professionals.I changed my career path in 2004 and joined MNCs.
My role model
I consider Dhiru Bhai ambani my role model. He could visualize the mobile revolution decades before and also did give us the belief that we Indians can show case our talent at the world level.
Initiative to develop a country
Professionals should not blindly follow orders and also start imparting knowledge. We have lots of institutes and educational shops but they all lack quality teachers. technology should not be in the hold of rich people only, or in the hands of few knowledge full people. Let the gates open and outflow the waves of knowledge. One should not be asked to pursue B tech just to become a programmer. If one has an interest he/she should have the opportunity to learn a specific language or tech from a Govt/MNC owned lab. To maintain the quality one can conduct IQ tests etc to filter the best from the crowd. Once this type of movements starts , we can expect a sea of programmers. A similar effort was tried to introduce the certification courses like SCJP, OCP ,CCNA but it failed as it lacked genuine candidates.Bulk could get the certificate by wrong means but had no knowledge. So Class room model needs to be introduced at the MNC level to cultivate programmers.
Degree that I recommend
I can only recommend that do not pursue anything from OPEN University as it has not value in the eyes of people who evaluate you on the basis of degree or certificate.
Ensuring success
Constant learning is the only key to ensure that you are growing. I am open to new thinking and new technologies. Finally keep your eyes and ears open they do help us to Grow faster.
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