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Pramod Purushotham Kaimal
Pramod Purushotham Kaimal

Pramod Purushotham Kaimal

Site Maintenance Computer Admin

First Source Solutions

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Current and Previous Responsibilities
Took :training for AMIE section B Electronics Telecommunication, distant educated for BCom, O level in computer programing, worked in gulf on ORION ERP over Oracle, worked in call center Technical support for Telecom Internet Service as Quality Analyst. Now just updating work for site
Degrees that Matter
STUDY VARIED SUBJECTS, WORK ACROSS THE DIFFERENT HUMAN Endeavors THAT REQUIRE DIGITAL form of human input: then BE ready to test software to check if IT would withstand the rugged use in the common man's world.
Areas for the Future
Voice based Quality Analyst for UK/US telecom Internet technical Support. Have O Level as Professional Computer Programer. Worked on ERP Orion on Oracle Database. Working at update materials for site
Currently working at
In relaxed manner collecting in digital format, materials on Education matters closely related to OUR approach to Education from the Internet and other media so at to update in due time the site Helping out software related issues on computers both open source, Linux platform & Windows
Role Model
Albert Enstien as he was Satwic and could see world IN WAVE FORM AS closely to the world as Described as Brahman/Pure consciousness in the Vedas THE TRUTH
Essential Advice
First familiarize with the different ways works are performed in REAL LIFE in digital form with cursor movements as per the different users' MOODS so that testing can be rigorous to actual rugged requirement.
Required Reading
Though i have debugged developed software and worked on testing software LONG TIME AGO do NOT recollect exact software names
A Fine Balance:
Being a witness to this body mind that is Playing out its part in this moist dust particle of a round called Earth AT so called waking times.
Most Important Decisions
During AMIE took up varied works as TV assembly line supervision, Instructor, welding, Photo Studio camera equipment repair desk front receptionist:: to ERP ORION on Oracle to Quality Analyst in voice based technical support to UK/US Telecom services, TO currently Website Material ON TRUE EDUCATION
Tech trends to watch out for
a Field i would be interested to learn and Promote / Market in this DIGITAL AGE of the external world
Most Important Lessons
Technically the world is reaching the point that shows convergence to the observation that ALL IS JUST pure conscious WAVE (electron being wave as so the human body made up of electrons
Plans for the Future
Spreading the KNOWLEDGE BHA of this LANDMASS called BHARATH as the earth Chariots around the SUN like a moist dust particle
Changes in the industry
IT was DOS base screw driver Debugging at most at those times to current OOPS and more
Points of inflection
Exposure to American (AOL) UK Australian cultures at varied works across India and GULF
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