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Ask Phillip Clifton Frankis for Advice
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Phillip Clifton Frankis
Phillip Clifton Frankis

Phillip Clifton Frankis

Chief Operating Officer

Horizons Beyond Dreams


Phillip Clifton Frankis is a member of:

Career Profile:
My job is to grow Horizons Beyond Dreams in the Africa, Asia and pacific countries to be a leader in MLM or as its commonly called Direct selling.

It is also my job to establish products from African countries so as to truly empower them so that Africans do not remain prime consumers but also become producers.

The basic concept of Horizons Beyond Dreams business is “Consumption Creates Wealth, Conducting Consumption Creates More Wealth”. I strives to change lives of many and allow distributors to realize their value on Horizons Beyond Dreams platform.

I am responsible for all the staff and development of markets in these arias and expansion to countries we have not yet got an office or distributors in , and at the moment I am also acting President of the organization and this aspect covers all operations for the whole company.
Professional Strengths:
The ability to delegate and get things done even if it means getting down to shop floor myself.

the ability to open up market and get access to new people we deal with staff at all levels.

The ability to see things from our clients point of View as well as from the company's point of view and bridging the two views.
Done Differently:
No I would not do things differently as I first got my engineering degree then a few years later got my Naturopathy degree.
This influences my way of thinking and relating so no the way I started this time i would do again as it worked for me and the people I mentored.
except that in the few places I hesitated and took things at a slow pace, I would do things with more vigor.
Degrees That Matter:
A degree is always a good thing but a sharp wit is better,

I am an Electrical Engineer and also have a ND and accounting for non accounting executives so as to have a grip on all operations of the business.

Education is a tool so yes get educated but true education is the ability to translate what you learn into action and allow it to shape the decisions you make with a human face and not totally academic face as this will improve productivity in short term and breed strikes and stuff rotation.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
getting Horizons Beyond Dreams networks started in most African countries, and getting product from African countries on the platform namely the top seller herbal product the two teas from Zimbabwe Essential herbal tea and Vitality herbal Tea with wonderful testimonies of the wellness effects.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
When I first came into management it was with Ministry of mines in 1997 or there abouts and all that was required was to do my quota and make sure the people in my domain did theirs , and keep with in the box.
Now things have changed as to keep the organization ahead of the pack and competitive I have to keep looking outside the box and maintaining current standards while looking to get better in admin , product quality and standards for our clients and for company internal standards of service .
I also have to find ways to keeping the whole company motivated and at the same time keeping clients happy and attracting new clients world wide where some cultures conflict.
conflict as what is accepted as good in one place is considered rude in the next region and making sure the company has a right standing in all countries and regions.
The Journey So Far:
I started out with Ministry of mines as an electrician and then did a charted engineering degree, and appointed adviser to the minister before leaving the government for private sector.
i then started a therapy center and this has developed to a position where we started producing herbal tea ,
This gives empowerment to 100s of small scale farmers .
Role Model:
My main Role model is Pastor Tom Deuschle who is a pastor who has set up the ministry to have management structures that most companies would only wish for and he has relationships that are strong.
most business men he mentors are now doing business clean and proper with out cheating , bribing and are now also standing as mentors to other people.
Family Background
I am the last son in my family , my mother had 7 children then met my day so I am her 8th Born and have a younger sister, my father had 7 children then had me and my younger sister so we always say 9 plus 9 equals 16.

I come from a middle class family and had to work myself up the ladder and still making myself better. By the time I got to High school my parents had both retired and did not have much money , but my brothers and sisters had money but each left the ones from the other brunch to look after my school fees and other needs to my mothers children or fathers children so I had to fend for most things by my self. My mothers children did a bit and expected that because my mother had also supported my fathers children they would help with my upkeep.

I paid school fees by going caddying at the local golf course and doing any jobs I could and because my brothers and sisters where well to do it was accounted for rebellion as i did not discuss what was happening.
If it was not for
Advice For New Professionals:
The problem with most people is that they want to be rich in shortest time with out doing the time and learning life processes .
fast money will also mean a fast loss
Get the knowledge, master the principles,study the strategies, and in just a few months you will never have to worry about under achieving.

1. What is capital:
This refers to the capital that can create residual values, including:

i. Age
ii. Education
iii. Social Relations
iv. Work experience
v. Funds

2. To be wealthy, thought is required.
People who do not have those capitals are the poor.
There is not much difference in the ability of people, just in the way people think which drives results.
Job Profile:
I run all the operations for Africa and also have a say in what happens through out the world.
With distributors in over 100 countries I have to make sure all management is on the ball and dose not neglect a small country.
Working Life Management:
It is important to plan family time and have days when you finish work on time and at least one weekend a month for family, and have a maximum time one will work until.
Growth Strategy:
I get involved in chamber networks and meetings with other business owners.

I also make sure I attend as many church meetings as possible so as to mix with other progressive people.
Required Reading:
for all professionals they need to Google sites that are relevant and also go out of they field of they field.
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