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Panna K Gupta
Panna K Gupta

Panna K Gupta

Branch Manager

Stellar Information Systems Ltd.


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Marketing means finding out need in the market and meeting it profitably. Sometimes it can create the need as well. It is very important for an organization as it promotes your products/ services in the market. You generate leads and after completion of sales cycle, it gives you revenue to run and grow your business.
Importance of 4ps
In marketing, we define 4P’s as Product, Price, Place and Promotion. I would add the 5^th P as People.

To define the 4 Ps is very basic requirement of your business. It is just like answering the 5 W’s. What, Why, When, Where and Who? Before you define any goal.

The 5^th P is equally important as “you will win with the best people on job”.
Books that guides you to every facet of marketing are helpful. Apart from that you should keep yourself updated about the market you serve, the govt. policies and stay connected with your clients. So weekly/ monthly magazines that publish something related to your market will be always helpful.
Motivating Factor
Sense of achievement
There is no option for hard work and there is a silver line in every dark cloud. So, keep going and you will surely reap the fruit.
Brief yourself
I am a Branch Manager in Stellar Information Systems Ltd. (Ahmedabad Branch). My role is important in the organization as I promote our products & services in my territory, I define need of new products and ensure the target achievements with my team.
Brand defines what you offer. It gives a name to the entire concept of your offerings. It helps you to connect with your clients emotionally and emotions play pivotal role in many buying decisions. So it is very important.

Sometimes it even gets bigger than the name of your organization. We have many example of it like Colgate, Maggie, Xerox etc.
Future trend
Online marketing is gaining momentum. There is lots of competition and so consumer is the boss.
Achieving Targets
We have our market defined. They meet the client and offer our products & services. My role is to guide them in every step and help them with any problem they may face.

We also have good appraisal system that motivates them to achieve results.
Importance of On line marketing
Online marketing is gaining momentum as many people search online for what they want. Online media connects them with the world. They get the entire range of products they want, they can compare and they can buy with just few clicks. Online media is very beneficial as it gives the consumer the power of knowledge. So, for marketer, online marketing is must.
Marketing starts with conceiving something and creating/ defining the need for that. Once you create/ define the need, you can build your offer and sale your products/ servicing.

For me, selling is a part of marketing activities. In selling, sometimes you limit yourself to what is existing already. You don’t conceive and idea and create the entire offering.
Importance of STP
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning are very important facets of marketing. You cannot serve the whole market. So, you have to carve a niche to which you can serve the best. You have some specialization that can produce a range of products required by some part of the market. After segmentation, you can target that specific group for your offerings. At the same time, as a marketer, it is very important to position your product the way you want.

All these will customize your efforts and give you better results.

If you don’t do this exercise, you will reach nowhere and your resources will be wasted rather than invested.
Importance of sales
Revenue is a lifeline of any organization and to generate revenue, you need to sale your products & services. You want to run a business to create a stream of revenue and you will get it by selling your products/ services.
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