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Pankaj Malik
Pankaj Malik

Pankaj Malik


Ancient Softwares LLP


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My family background
i was born in a middle class family , we have farms in Haryana so basically we are farmers , when i was born my dad decided to move to Mumbai and started working in a logistic company , later on he started with his own logistics firm . my mother is an amazing person and an awesome chef (well shes an Housewife -so she just cooks at home)
More about myself
i believe in trying things until you get it done , every problem has a solution , we just have to find it , everything can be accomplished we just have to make an initiative
My role model
I have always considered Gautam Buddha as my Role model , because of his vast knowledge and his teachings about being stable in every situation, and controlling our emotions instead of letting them affect our thinking. his teaching show us that good and bad are just perceptions of human brain and we should see things from a higher perceptive to understand them better
Thoughts on Education system of our country
education system in India needs a lot of evolution , our kind is evolved but our teachings are still the same , parents force their decision on their children's , i think each one of us are different and have different talents , so first we should let ourselves learn about us , our best quality our talents and later on taught to advance that talent in such a way that it can be helpful to us and to humanity
Influenced by
My Dad has most influenced me in my life , he taught me to never give up at getting better , no matter how good you are , once you stop learning or growing up , the next thing you will realize is the world is way ahead of you
Initiative to develop a country
professionals know their area , they know their industry . they should pass on their skills and knowledge to fresh talent , so that it can be used well in that industry . when people will stop looking for jobs and start creating jobs , that's when India will be developed
Ensuring success
I keep on making new contacts , discuss projects with new clients , train fresh graduates and keep looking for new talent which on polishing a little will provide a great help in the industry , Everyday i try to learn something new , try getting better than what i was yesterday
Degree that I recommend
For a career in Gaming Industry there are a lot of options , basically you just need a degree in IT and a good programming skills , there are Bachelors in Game Development and Masters in Game Development specifically designed for this Industry and are really good , they teach you all the skills that are needed in this Industry
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
To be a Great Leader , one must be a Great Follower . if you like learning only then you will be able to teach one day , then obviously hard work , enthusiasm , being confident on our skills , and a will to never give up
My achievements
I am CEO of a Company , have worked with Big companies like Cartoon Network for their projects , have worked on around 30 Game Projects . have worked from the base to the top , so i know the industry upside down
Important lesson learned
A very important lesson is that concentrate on one thing in your life , when you try doing more than one , you are not able to get even one . There is a saying "If you try catching two rabbits you wont even get one" . so whatever you really want to do in your life just go for it , don't waste your time in other stuffs .
Important decision
The Most important Decision was to Start my own Firm , there were lot of confusions and lot of advice's but i knew what i was doing
My strongest skill
Logical thinking , Problem Solving , Programming - it was during my degree college when i realized i was good at programming and solving problems , i knew then that i just have to get better at it now and im still getting better everyday
Brief description about me
With 4 years of full time work and 2 years of Freelance work behind me, I look back at a rewarding journey so far. I may not have had all the answers and may have made a lot of mistakes but at least I did something about it. As Khalil Gibran said “A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle.”
In this short career span, I have worked for various Companies in Gaming Industry , it was 2 years back when i started with my own development studio - Ancient Softwares
I am a Big Movie Buff and have seen most of them , I love fitness , Music and dancing.
I have just one life, so I’m making sure that every second counts... I L.I.V.E it up!
Couple of years from now
In a couple of years i see my Firm growing with number of employees , in terms of turnover , in terms of Fame , producing some really great games and application that are useful for a lot of things
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