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Ask Pankaj Kuamar Saxena for Advice
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Advice Request
Pankaj Kuamar Saxena
Pankaj Kuamar Saxena

Pankaj Kuamar Saxena

theatre expert


My role model
Ram,Krishna,Budha,christ,Muhammd sahib geeta kuran mahabahart my mom and my dad are my rolemodel who inspire me to be a better soul in life
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
honesty,knowledge,expertise,righttime,right place and right people to work with make u successful; leader
Influenced by
my country its culture,its languages and pooor people who give me strenghtth to fight more for others.
Important decision
I chose my profession which is very interesting and helpful to keep me alive.To be a Theatre person instead of anyother professional was my gretest decision so far
My achievements
Freedom of work and freedom of expression which saved me fom depression and frustration.moreover working with natioalschool of drama as head of childrens theatre gave me a sense of fulfilment when I travelled the country and abroad.
Degree that I recommend
yes,good knowledge history,culture litrture and dramatics will certainly help in this creer
Thoughts on Education system of our country
actually,oursystem is very basic information kind of education system without given any choice.In the existing insecure condions of survival it needs more specification in the field of agriculture and culture. other streams follow should more light and interesting and less time should give chance to a person to decide what to study and when to study of his choice.
More about myself
stop interfaring ttoomuch in people psychic.encourage them to clear their mistakes. guide them not waste time in exploring situatios but go ahead and work for youeself
Brief description about me
I aman indian borninthe family of freedomfighterfromBareilly cityin UP.My grand father faught against britishersandhe was a lawyer.My father was great person with very independent mind and free will who taught me the conceptoffreewilltosurvive happyli.After his demise our family faced a tought time to survive and to settle and finally are happly settled ever after in Delhi.I hVE faithfulwife and an obident son acute dog and we 4 are veryhappy in living our peaceful life in rohinidelhi.we have our own house,car,other facility and high respect in our field of theatre.
Initiative to develop a country
share income with nation.dont ask for more but give more products to the nation and the wold whatever yougot.should forget tothink about only for family bbut for right person
My strongest skill
to present my work with maximum people for maximum people with minimum efforts very simply and convincingly like making tv serials,holding festvals of plays on city level state level and national level
Important lesson learned
Yes,when my father died we had a lot of financial problems we did not have our own hpuse and no big income to survive 5people int the city like delhi but as taught my mother I never lost my heart and never followed any negative ideology aand finally I am a winner no crime attached.
My family background
I am a north indian kaystha hindu person .my grandfatherwas a lawyer and freedom father was anengineer.we were 4 brothers and four sisters.all are settled and sister died last year. m
my wife was working with different highcommiissions the she became tutout and now she is a good house wife.I am59 years old and since last 40 years I am in field of show business, My son is working with mncGENPACK INTERNATIOL as proccer assistant.we are happy go getter family
Couple of years from now
I may be incapacity to be a celebrity of international level if I will manipulate otherwise I shall work for my nation and community
Ensuring success
I meet people.Ilearn a lot.I watch a lot and I am always open to face any circumstance good or bad with true intergrity anfd faith to win I follow honesty and I love truth of life.i don't cheat or fight or decieve
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