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Onkar Singh
Onkar Singh

Onkar Singh


Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur (U.P.) - INDIA

Unique way of teaching
Education needs to be integrated with the sectors where it is being applied. Applications oriented approach needs to be adapted so as to make it much more effective and useful. Just like medical education all disciplines should be married with some sector where the education is really being applied. This will lead to rolling out a really educated person. Merely having degrees or certificates does not guarantee the real education. If any education is devoid of the understanding of applications, then its utility is quite limited. In case of law let it be integrated with actual judicial processes, for commerce let it be integrated with actual financial institutions, for engineering let them be integrated with suitable industry etc.
My Advice
I personally feel that those coming forward for becoming educator should have basic instinct of a teacher. It should not be by default that the person lands into education because of his/her high qualification. Strong commitment for service to younger generation is required. Also the person should have enthusiasm for self professional development as this is the only sector which automatically gets benefits of the accomplishments of the individual teachers. Students treat you as role model so one should be very careful about the conduct as it directly affects the innocent minds who have reposed highest level of confidence in their teachers. In fact Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.
They affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops
Most Rewarding Moment
It was when I took over as Head of Department. The department was not performing well and gradually loosing its shine. The infrastructural weaknesses were creeping in. With perseverance and constant efforts I could transform things to reasonable extent and felt very satisfied.
About Me
I am B.Tech. (hons.) in Mechanical Engineering, M.E. (hons) in Design of Process Machines and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering.
Future of Indian Education System
Education sector has become extremely dynamic. Students have become very choosy. Career options have increased tremendously so there educators have to be on toes for continuous evolution. Traditional pattern of education needs to be replaced with the one which is actually required by society. At one point of time every one was looking for IT related jobs as the sector had opened up in big way. But today due to the recession in this sector the students have started looking at numerous other options such as in engineering core disciplines are being tried, law , medicine, journalism , commerce, art & drama, literature, basic science etc. are new popular options. Future education model has to have much of mix and match type with lot flexibility. Education has become a big industry so it is suffering from a drawback of being profit oriented. Except public funded institutions all are eyeing at maximising profits which is quite unfortunate.Let us hope that quality survives over quantity
Family Background
I hail from a family with high respect for education.
Outlook about way to raise quality education
Indian education system needs to be looked from real perspective. The expansion of education based on statistics will not serve purpose. Time has come when the requirements of the student community and their employment potential. Professional education needs to be revamped from employability perspective. Soft skills of Indian students need to be improved as this deficiency limits their future growth.
Way to motivate Students
I keep distance from students when not in class room, but I am always available for any kind of assistance required by them. Any student can barge into may room any time for resolving the difficulties felt by them. But when it comes to class room teaching, I try to communicate at their level. This strengthens my connect with students in class room. Through class room I try to nurture them so as become disciplined and committed towards their pursuits. My message is the hard work with full commitment will definitely bring fruits, howsoever odd situation may be. I also tell them that for your better placement you will have to study, it is upto you to decide whether you wish to study while pursuing your course or afterwards. Usually significant no. of students from my class get motivated.
My inspiring personality
All of my teachers have been my role models in different ways and also the source of inspiration.
Favorite Non-Academic books
Political scenario of the country. I feel that the political system of the country decides the direction in which the nation has to proceed. And the educators have great role in mentoring the political system too. Any political system which does not have good chunk of educators working for deciding strategies for development of nation can not survive for long.
Strongest Subject
Thermodynamics and its applications is the most favourite area for me.
My priorities
Requirements of students decide my priority.
Most Challenges facing by students
Poor Employability of students is the biggest challenge.
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