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Nitin Krishnarao Choudhari
Nitin Krishnarao Choudhari

Nitin Krishnarao Choudhari

Professor and Principal at Priyadar...


Outlook about way to raise quality education
Every one must take it seriously and then sincerely. Organizations, Educational Institutes, Teachers, parents and students must do it honestly. Students must develop good attitude towards study, work hard, must get correct and complete knowledge which will be useful in their career and development of society. Teachers should keep themselves updating and must impart true knowledge to students. Ultimately, current students are the future of our country. Parents must take care of their ward seriously and should give proper understanding to them. Quality of Education solely depends upon teacher and students both. If donor is donating, role of receiver plays crucial role. Correct reception is very important. Programs should be organized every where, for giving proper understanding about all aspects of education to the students. If, it can be done, definitely,quality will be observed to be improved.
Favorite Non-Academic books
I have read many spiritual book about Mahabharat, Stories of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Prithviraj Chouhan, Shivaji Maharaj, Swami Vivekanand,and many more. I got impressed by Aacharya CHANAKKYA's philosophy and his courage, determination to fulfill dreams. By reading these, I could realize, Every one who had created mile stone, did unbelievable hard work with sincere planning and implementation at proper time. I believe in thinking for the betterment of others and society, God will automatically look after you. Nothing can be achieved by ditching others and with angry mood. One must be always patient. Think always positive. Our Karmas should be always good, because it is well known that "if you sow wheat, you can not get apple". You must have love and kindness in you heart for others.
Outlook about increase students’ participation
It is need of today, first students should realize the importance of education, what they will be getting if they take education seriously and what they will be missing if they will not become serious during education. Students should be made aware of the facts of education associated with life. It is a crucial span of 4 to 8 years ( from 8th class to degree ) where they must see dream and must make sound plan supported by timely actions to complete it. They should have belongingness about Nation and must have National Pride. If we do it, I hope students will be participating in every activity that will be helpful for the development of Nation. It is well known that, "a tilted PLANT can be made straight only before it become TREE", similarly students, if guided properly and at proper time, will definitely generate pride feeling and then they will contribute in the National Development Process
Most Challenges facing by students
The biggest problems students are facing are improper attitude, bad habit of opting for the short cut methods, hiding the things from parents and Teachers etc. They are not aware of the things that they will be needing in future. They do not have any idea about their Goals and Aims of life. They do not have time to think about the purpose of their life. They do not wish to give thought about their responsibilities towards family, society and Nation. Lack of feeling on National spirit. Most important is realization of everything.
My priorities
As far as I am concerned I have given priority to work. I believe, work is worship. We should keep all other tasks at next priority, because It is morale responsibility of everyone to work for the betterment of organization where he/she is working and hence country. Carrying many task simultaneously may be good if every task will be finished in its own time, otherwise one must carry one task at a time and protect from overstress and tensions. If we get salary of 30,000/-, we must work for benefit of 60,000/- to our organization.
Most Rewarding Moment
During my long career as a teacher, I have guided more than thousands students at Graduate level, postgraduate,and around 14 students at Ph. D. level. I have a habit of helping to needy people. I used to motivate students. I have experienced that, if we guide, show right direction to any one, you can get unbelievable results. Many time I have simply said to a students, beta you can become topper if you study and devote time for study, next year I used to say oh! you have done it, now think for securing first position at University level.Students used to say, Sir Can you really think I can do it ? . My answer was, just realize the honor you and your parents will be receiving from society. You will not believe it really worked.It gave me a very happy feeling. I have always tried to create a spark among the students and at the end of around 23 years I am happy, I have contributed lot. My students have a special feeling and respects for me. I am Thankful to God for everything.
Important Lesson
Be always positive. It is the situation we have to face,and keep our journey in pace. Always think for the betterment for others. Love every one irrespective of his position and financial condition. We must be always motivating and source of inspiration to others. We are bound to get what we will do. We are the creator of our own destiny, so our KARMA's must be pure and honest. Behave with others the way we expect others to behave with us. Give respect and get respect. We should have kindness, we must be patient, loyal to our organization and hence to Nation. We should follow always a legal and honest way to fulfill our dreams. We must respect our parents and help them when they need. It is the parents, who have shown us the nice and beautiful natural world. We must be grateful and thankful to our parents and God. I believe " HONEST EFFORTS TAKEN IN RIGHT DIRECTION ALWAYS LEADS TO A PATH TOWARD GOAL"
My inspiring personality
I was inspired by my Guru Shri MADHUKAR Mama, who was working for the betterment of people without any expectation. While working with him I learned many things, that I have implemented in my daily and professional life and hence living peaceful life. He used to say, whatever we say, you must first implement it. If you are saying without implementing and experiencing it has no value and you do not have right to say it. I have experienced happiness and I have shown others also how to live happily by following the few basic principles in life. Honesty is the best policy to remain happy and peaceful. He taught me the strength of sharing what we have. When started sharing, I have experienced that it helped me in building a team with good confidence level and trust. Always try to help needy.
Unique way of teaching
Teacher must refer standard books and should refer at least 10 good books so as to understand the topic completely and clearly. Because unless teacher understands the topic thoroughly, he can not impart it to the students. It is preferable, if teacher try to perform experiment on it and then share and explain the topic with real data and actual result. Many time if we talk about some special color, many student may not understand and realize it, but if we show the picture and then talk same thing, it will be more effective. Same thing / technique may be applied every where irrespective of the field. Teach and explain with proof of it in hand. We should not ask the students to opt for the shortcut methods. While learning complete and detail knowledge must be imparted. Always theory to be supported with practical. Do not talk in dilemma, what ever we say it must be confirm.
Strongest Subject
Being doctorate in Electronic Engineering , I am good in Microprocessor and Interfacing and other digital design related subjects. I was always curious about topic of real life. In the process I realized the importance of this subject and I study it thoroughly from many books and carried out experimentation to understand even small topics. During later stages, the knowledge of this subject which was tough for others could helped me to work more effectively. I taught it at very good level to everyone. As a teacher I was always reading books and tried to get knowledge of many subjects. I taught more than 15 subject till date. I have knowledge of almost every subject including subjects of social field and economics, managements etc.
Way to motivate Students
As a teacher I was always taking interest in the students academic development. I always solve their difficulties and help them to find out effective solution. Now I have realized that it is better to teach them, the real and true aspects of life from the beginning . Now I used to talk to students in a group and if required individually at very early stage. I used to give them understanding of facts of life and visualizing dream for them and their family. I used to counsel them and that helped the students to develop confidence of high level and ultimately excellent results. I used to ask them Why they are taking education ? What is purpose of their life ? and many more which encourages them. Many of them got success.
Family Background
I belong to a middle class happy family. My life is inspired by my fathers honest philosophy and mothers dedication and scarifies towards the family.I have many friends who are also happy. If not, I used to make them happy by giving the understanding of spirituality.
My Advice
If you have sense of society and you are really worried about social growth, then only join the field of education. Teaching is a mission and not a profession. It should not be treated like other jobs that we do for making more money. You must be honest and ready to take untiring efforts and should have a vision to look beyond the boundary of caste and religion. Then only you will be suitable, capable and eligible for imparting education and calling you as a sir / guru. It is a very big term. Be positive, keep always updating, keep always at service of students, always think of becoming Guru like "CHANAKKYA", who have shown a courage of creating a shishya like 'CHANDRAGUPTA'. Do not think of money.Be honest to student and society and if you wish, then only join the education. Ultimately Education is the only way of making our country literate and healthy by all mean, and role of teacher in very important and must be played honestly.
Future of Indian Education System
Technology is changing at faster rate and many facilities will be available to teachers as well as students. Many platforms, forums, National / International conferences and workshops are in process for updating every individual. Unfortunately that is not utilized in proper way and hence only materialistic gain is observed rather than true . However due to good policies of Government, at least any one can take Education and an opportunity is available for everyone to get education and contribute in National Growth. But it observed that, Education is not taken seriously for true development, rather it is treated as a tool to get heavy salary job and then enjoyment. This is real fact, little tough to digest. But fortunately many people are really worried about the social aspects and working hard towards it. The solution to all these problems is to alert every one to get Education in proper direction
About Me
I am a true and honest person having good morale character and always ready to help needy people in society.
I am Engineering Graduate and did B.E. in Power Electronics, M. Tech in Electronic Engg and Ph. D. in Electronic Engineering. Serving the society since 1989 as a teacher. Recognized supervisor for ME by research and for Ph. D. Guided many research scholars and published research work in various journals and conferences. Involved in many administrative committees as a member. Chairman of Board of Studies in Electronic Engineering, Rashtra Sant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur. Currently looking after PRIYADARSHINI BHAGWATI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, NAGPUR as a Principal. Many students taught by me are working in India and Abroad on various reputed positions. I have a courage to give credit to the concerned member for his/her work along with appreciation. Being a unbiased and devoted person, my teachers and students have confidence in my administration and working.
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