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Neeranjan Arun Jadhav
Neeranjan Arun Jadhav

Neeranjan Arun Jadhav


met institute of engineering


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Family Background
my father is a retired class 1 army officer settled in Satara ,mother is house wife but take classes of kg ukg students.i ahve one sister and one brother both elder to me sister is a IT engineer working in infosys and my brother is a computer science engineer living in USA
Technology Trends
i am familiar with core java and servlet as me and my group in college has done mini project for bank management system for both using core java and using html java and servlet for web based
Role Model
i am inspired by my father because he always tell me never be afraid in life be brave and life is diffcult u will fail very often but do not give up and i am also inspired by hitler for his personality his leadership quality not for what illthings he has done
Challenges in The Technology
rit now java is the hottest in the IT market .their is huge requirement for it ,the challenges in java technology can be Java lacks in performance. It is slow & more resource consuming coz of its JVM and i think also from .net which is much faster easier as compared to java
Work Life Balance
actually i am a fresher i havent experinced any challenges yet regarding work but when i do i will take it as a oppertunity to learn and also make plans to solve those challenges in productive way so that i am having time for my family also and also the company
Areas for the Future
javascript,servlet will matter the most in future as all work will be done in internet this specialization will really play an important role for it and also will cloud computing
Most Important Lessons
lesson learned is whenever challeneges come never backoff try to solve it u may fail but one day will come when u will overcome that challenge and also whenever help is required ask for it dont hesitate
Current Role
currently i am fresher but when i will be recruited i will try to learn as much as possible so that i can enhance my knowledge and and use it for the improvement of the company
Degrees That Matter
yes during my engineering we have to learn java so it really helped by conducting workshop etc . i havent tried any certification but i know it is an added advantage
Changes in the industry
i am a fresher during my academics java was redhot skill and it is still now the redhot field
Comparison With Other Language
java is very differnet from other languages it is platform independentthe application that will work in any kind of Operating is more secured as The Java compiler catches more compile-time errors; other languages (like C++) will compile programs that produce unpredictable results
Most Important Career Decisions
whether to take i year drop or not after my 12th for better college but i decided not to take the drop this was one of the important decision i took
Plans for the Future
i see myself as an important part of any company .a more experinced ,more knowledgable employee and also a efficient employee whom no company would want to loose in any circumtances in future
Current Job Profile
rit now i am fresher looking for job but want to job in development field or testing
Scope Of Java
it very bright all the networking coding is done by java which will play an important role in future and also for security purpose
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