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Nduka Kalu Dike
Nduka Kalu Dike

Nduka Kalu Dike



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Family Background
I come from a normal family. My parents have the five of us, 3 males and 2 females. I am the middle born and male.

We are middle class because my late dad was a doctor while my mum is a homemaker.
Most Important Decisions
The particular course of study that I chose and the companies I have worked for. I chose to read Public Administration but am actively into Information Technology. I have some certifications there like Comptia A . The most important decision i have made so far is entering fully into Information Tech
Degrees that Matter
Yes, my degree in Public Administration has helped a lot as well as my certifications in Information Technology fields like A and Networking. And recently I finished a trainee course Yahsat KA Band in Satellite Technology Installation and Maintenance.
A Fine Balance:
I just do my best. I combine them as much as I can. Its not easy but its doable.My career obviously comes first because through it can I then have a life so to speak.
Role Model
My role model any day is the English novelist Ken Follet. I admire him because of his uncanny ability to create best sellers any time any day. It takes more than talent to achieve that. A lot of hardwork is also needed for the creative process.InfoTech is a lot like that,creativity is key!
Parting thoughts
Just that I love your site and look forward to learning as much as I can from your able team. I also hope and believe that I would make and meet partners that would impact positively in my Information and Communication Technology career. Thank you!
The Journey So Far
its been hectic but worth it so far. In effect so far so good.I love every bit of it but still its a long journey but I have to keep at it.
Plans for the Future
Well hope to have achieved atleast 80% of my plans. I look forward to running my own firm by then. Hopefully. I also hope to be able to impart some of my knowledge to others who are interested in Information Technology.
Areas for the Future
I cant really tell as the future holds so much but the testing methods adopted will be of utmost importance. As long as the method adopted is relevant to todays needs, it would go a long way in impacting positively to both the givers and end users.
Essential Advice
I would tell them to adopt latest best practices and to be strict in their examining and marking scheme.
Required Reading
I would recommend the IELTS websites, Oracle websites, and some Online University websites like the free Yale University Online websites as well as other courses that are freely available online.
Most Important Lessons
The lessons so far learnt is to be patient, articulate, learn as much as I can and to ask as much questions I can muster. Its also exceedingly important to keep one's mouth shut even as one's eyes and ears are kept wide open. These are some of the attitudes I have adopted that will lead to success.
Tech trends to watch out for
Well I look forward to advances in individual testing and rating systems. And am certain the future will introduce more robust and vigorous ways of testing as well as accessing candidates.I also believe that adopting the use of mobile phones and tablets will be a great idea and the way to go now!
Changes in the industry
It has embraced modern techniques as well as well as the latest technologies that are available now that wasnt that easy to get then. Faster networks and connectivity has really helped indeed.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
My main responsibilities is to test and analyse students and employees on a person to person basis unlike in the past when everything was lumped together to be performed by different staff . Now the assessment is more precise and the results more to reality.I also personally teach English to Schools
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