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Mike Rana
Mike Rana

Mike Rana

software consultant



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Initiative to develop a country
The only thing required is to be professionals, in the true sense. Indian professionals work for their immediate bosses and flimsy targets. They are unable to make a position for themselves in the organization. The country is full of such pseudo professionals. I wish I could contribute in obliterating this malady. I am only writing books to achieve this purpose.
Ensuring success
Reading and writing is my primary work. Occasionally Billing and CRM professionals seek my help about very large real time transaction oriented applications. They are coaxing me to write a book, but this is a humongous task. The book will be about 1000 pages.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
I covered this subject in my blogs and books. The question is not improving the quality as much as finding jobs for the educated. If 75 % of our population is young, and we educate about 50 percent of them, we will need 45 crore jobs. In its present status the government and the corporate put together cannot sustain these many job opportunities.
Brief description about me
Rana, Manmohan Kumar is an electrical, aeronautical and computer engineer from Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay. His experience of 30 years in the Indian Air Force and 10 years in the international corporate world motivated him to turn attention to the political, economical and social ills that plague India. He has been associated with NGOs and has carried out social work including interactions with local government and elected bodies. He has a vision of what changes are required in the society and systems, for moving towards inclusive prosperity and decisive sustainability.

Mike Rana has received several awards of the highest level by the Government of India, for work on several projects on large database systems, real-time air defence systems and missile systems. He has the distinction of receiving repeated awards for his writings on information technology by the Computer Society of India. He is the author of ‘A Citizen’s Manifesto’.
More about myself
Bring in honesty, truthfulness and professionalism in the country by seminars, books, blogs etc. Introduce SiliconIndia Honesty awards and Honesty champion certificates
My achievements
2 good large books, A number of awards from the Government of India, from Computer Society of India. Development of a national level air defence system using satellites. I also managed to swing a sales contract of 15 Million USD by innovation.
My role model
Today Arvind Kejriwal, he is standing alone facing the onslaught of corrupt leaders. if I was to give a Bharat Ratna award, he would be one of my choices.
Influenced by
My Israeli immediate boss, Artzi Ben-Kuzari on how to build a team of 2000 people from different countries and manage them sternly while keeping them glued to their jobs voluntarily. The internal communication system of the Israelis that operates around the global with precision synchronization with time zone differences is something to learn from.
Important lesson learned
How to degrade the systems and to remake them, for making money from the clients in consultancy.
Important decision
Resigning from an almost certain Air Marshal position in order to be exposed to the world of information technology all around the world.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
A leader must do things for the others, while he should be an average manager.A leader does not get a laid-down authority and responsibility situation.
Degree that I recommend
IIT training and selection as it used to be in the 1960s is enough. no need for degrees. Switzerland does not operate on high qualification degrees, but average high school training followed by repeat tenure in higher education after gaining 5 to 10 years of experience. This system is followed in the defense forces in India.
My family background
Father an officer of the Royal Army, Mother a home-maker with amazing qualities for managing human relationships.
My strongest skill
System designing with permanence attributes, and Perseverance
Couple of years from now
As a renowned author, keynote address speaker and social worker
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