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Ask Meher Merchant for Advice
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Advice Request
Meher Merchant
Meher Merchant

Meher Merchant

Affiliate Relationship Lead


Degrees That Matter:
Degree of Experience, if any ;).
Plans For The Future:
Buying Falaknama Palace.... lol.. when you said few, i assumed there is no cap on the digits:):):).....But yes id love to do that.
Professional Strengths:
Transparency with a good match of Morals.
Career Profile:
Responsibilities.... Sounds so BIG. i am a still my Daddies little girl and no matter what role i play, as long as i have my family respect me. I am doing a GREAT JOB so ya No difference in responsibilities as such. I am a responsible Individual.
Job Profile:
To map industrial conference and event companies globally.
To introduce them to the concept of Affiliate Business and open new doors of revenues for the Partner.
To pitch reports and promotions according to the Partners audience.
Growth Strategy:
i keep UNLEARNING. we land up learning a lot of negatives in each day, negatives about others and about the self. So, I love Unlearning cos that helps my experience be mine and not another s.
The Journey So Far:
My name is Meher and I am absolutely passionate about sales. I do not understand the looks of judgement people give, when I say I am a sales person. For a simple reason that I wonder if the sale was not made how would the organization run.

I believe at the end of the day we are all sales people from the day we took our first breath. From permissions for Birthday Parties to convincing parents about wanting a vehicle in college to simple hang out plans, if you want it bad and you have achieved it, its cos you have Sold It.

I guess the above shall summarize my Passion for Sales!!!!!!! Thank You.
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