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Marc Eswar
Marc Eswar

Marc Eswar


RidgeMinds Inc.

My advice
Work with a goal, big huge goals, think beyond the box - the box no longer exist.
Tech Management matters more on
Keep yourself informed and know more than your peers
Current Job description
Founder of a people networking team from 15 countries, all are well connected through whatsapp & bbm - to share real time ideas 24/7. I drive,empower and motivate group of 300 people around the world.
Handling Grievances
I refocus them to their dreams and journey with me, that automatically make them look bigger than the problems that they are facing today.
Managing personal and professional life
I prequalify each person, situation and the business opportunities that come along our way. The only way to pre-empt this is through experience & our co. Direction
Family background
I came from a humble family, lower middle class & my dad always taught me to be street smart rather than book smart. My dad has never had a boss, neither do i.!
Awards and Recognitions
No awards, freedom is my award as ive always been on my own
Influenced by
Will Smith, he's living legend, my motivation factor of his acting and lifes principles.
Important career decisions
Leaving my job as a fiber optic engineer and start my own engineering companies.
Team Management
Fun, excitement and full of creativity!! The best way to interact is to be open to ideas and questions.
Excellence in Management
USD5,000,000 Sales turnover, opening up new markets in South East Asia
Leadership qualities
Must be able to inspire and empower your people, find their dreams, if not give them one!!
More about me
Focus on your dreams, it must happen twice, once in your mind, then in reality!!
My views on India Technical development
We are good techically, but when it comes to marketing and packaging our talents, we need take a 180degree turn!!
Ensuring Growth
READ,READ,READ & Evolve with the newer generations
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