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Ask Manvendra Singh for Advice
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Manvendra Singh
Manvendra Singh

Manvendra Singh

Software Engineer

Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd.

Brief description about me
A Software Engineer working with Intel India in Bangalore. i have done my Engineering in Information Technology from VIT, Vellore.
By nature i am an avid listener, always wear a happy go lucky attitude, inherited a humour that helps me see the funny side of almost everything, do enjoy my work and that's the reason i never feel employed, except when i get my paycheck :)  


Important decision
The decision to pursue a career in Information technology was a turning point, as computer Sc. subject was the only solace i had in all my school life in which i used to score without much effort... it came naturally to me.

Degree that matters
More than degree the passion to keep learning is most important .

My view
Freshers bring with them a fresh energy and enthusiasm to excel and have zeal to learn, which is contagious... and people around them benefit from it. Once they come on board they are more likely to give in 100% .


My skills
I never give up, NEVER.  As long as the race isn't over i will keep running. There are no two ways about it. Having said that i take losing graciously.  

My role model
i admire Virender Sehwag, he is a true role model not because of the amount of runs he has scored for India but because of the attitude with which he plays. He knows what his game is and he sticks to it, come what may.When all the great players change their game as they mature as cricketers, he is one man who has redefined the role of Test Cricket opener. All because of his ATTITUDE.. which if put into words be: "This is my strength and thats the only way i will succeed". Message: Be what you are, don change your attitude for a job, infact find a job that suits your attitude. World salutes originality, there are enough Imposters around.
Upcoming trend
Cloud Computing is a force to reckon with, times are not far when applications wont be available as Software installers but as a SERVICE.Security and Privacy becomes a major area of research as Cloud computing penetrates our lives.
My goals
I just want to enjoy the work i do and help people on the way so that they benefit from my experience.

Advice to students
To excel in any career, the only thing you need is love for that job. if you do it for money, you wont be in the TOP 5% in your field. Remember when you enter an industry its easy to survive, but to be the best you need to compete with your own self. if Today you are not better than yesterday, there is something you are doing wrong.  

My point of view
There is no doubt that we have the talent and because of lack of opportunity we suffer from brain drain to Service Sectors. Moreover we take pride in being the leader in Service Sector, Companies like TCS, WIPRO, Infosys makes us the "proud champs", without realizing that in times of economic crisis this sector offers no protection of business.  For a successful tech product, you need a technology/process that is unique/world class/best in the business, which only comes from "Serious" Research and Development, which requires 2 things the best minds in RnD and investment.. which is in contradiction with our private sector's priorities.

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