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Manoj Kumar Singh
Manoj Kumar Singh

Manoj Kumar Singh

Director and Research Scientist



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Thoughts on Education system of our country
Indian Education system is facing a situation of skill blockage as except few almost all the institutions here offer degrees, diplomas but that too at the theoretical level only and the practical part is left wanting. Even students acquiring the Degrees dont know after finishing their course what are the future aspects for them. We should make sure that both at the school and college levels students should get a practical based curriculum along with the know hows of the state and central government schemes available to them, giving them ample time to decide and evaluate their strengths and choose the right career for them.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
A person should be Patient and have perseverance, along with respect for all attitude as if one can set an example himself and respect the people doing the hard work in a dutiful manner then others will automatically give their best to Him. And thats what a true leader does that is to bring out the best in everyone in his team.
My achievements
I am proud of virtually everything I have achieved in my life because keeping my health condition in mind and lack of health care for us. I even remember one of my school friend telling me after I faced a hip joint bleed in my 10th board and giving the last two papers on wheel chair and being bed ridden for 4 months that me choosing science was a bad idea as it would be difficult for me to stand and do practicals and now today I have started a company based on science and give jobs to people from commerce background... ha ha
Influenced by
My mother has most reaching affect on me. Since my childhood I have seen her and her sacrifices and hardships she has done, to help my father run this family.
Initiative to develop a country
If a professional works honestly and gives his level best in what he/she is doing they automatically help the country to develop. And those professionals who now have achieved something in their lives they should share with the younger generation such that younger generation learn from their experiences and perform better when its their time to do something.
Ensuring success
I have started my own work and am looking to continuously grow my team as this is an era of team work. And am trying to contribute to the society by keeping in touch with my ground and motivate village people to educate their children in order to grow and improve their state.
My family background
I belong to a middle class family. My father is retired and now works as a farmer. And I have started my own start up in Biotech "SINGH BIOTECH LLP", in my region.
Important lesson learned
I have learned in my life that no matter what happens in life and how difficult the situation, never give up and trust your abilities and you will come out victorious.
My strongest skill
I have good theoretical knowledge and have equally good practical knowledge which I have acquired by vocational training and through my gurus and peers.
My role model
I dont have a particular person as a role model in my life but during the events of my life I have come across various stories and people who boost me to move ahead in life.
Degree that I recommend
The Ultimate degree needed for our career is Phd.but now we need to do vocational trainings too during our career to acquire different practical know how required for our field.
Important decision
There was a time when I had to make a choice that whether I want to go for money and forget my passion, but I stuck to my passion and am trying to prove that if you have passion even after few days of struggle you can earn money.
Couple of years from now
I believe that this couple of years will give me the right opportunity to bring out the best in me and others. The dream that I have started will soon become the dream of many more and will take my company to new high.
Brief description about me
I am having an experience of about 4 years in the field of biotechnology in which I have worked 2.5 years for another company and dedicated my next 2 years for my start up "SINGH BIOTECH LLP". I am born in a middle class family with a Royal Disease "Hemophilia" and have always seen problems that my family had to go because of this. This condition of mine propelled me to take up the study with which I can better understand it and also will one day hope to make my country a full health facility rich country. Keeping this in mind I did my masters dissertation at SGPGIMS, lucknow in Medical Genetics department. I have been working on Medicinal properties of Plants and also look to provide Skill Development Opportunity through my company's Training cell for the students and professionals of lifescience. Currently I am totally concentrating on my work in taking my company forward and grow with a motto of Ecofriendly development.
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