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Ask Manish Sharma for Advice
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Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma

Manish Sharma

Software Developer

HCL Technology LTD.

Other Thoughts:
One important thing for those guys, doing BE, B.Tech, BCA or MCA. Before leave the college, you should be good in one programming language.
Job Profile:
I am a java developer and provide the web-based solution to our client.
Advice For New Professionals:
Don't waste time, if you are not getting job. If you have a money problem join tech-support BPO and meanwhile learn the new technology, which market wants.If you don't have experience then you spent some time with start-up new software company, it will be useful for you and them also.
Done Differently:
After few month, I will no longer more doing job in other company, I will focus on my products and my company only, thats a my plan.
Career Profile:
First thing i would like to inform you, this is my first company and i am giving my best.Regarding current role,I am manipulate the legacy system and convert into the new generation system through generic codes.
Degrees That Matter:
I have done MCA from VTU belgaum Karnataka. But during the project development phases many helpful training also comes sometime, so we are utilize these type of training.
The Decisions That Matter
when i taken the decision for higher education, other important decision is, during this job, I opened my own company as well, and I have only 15 month experience.
Growth Strategy:
I adopt the new technology quickly, whenever new technology comes in the market like andriod, microsoft share-point and all. I want to tell you one important thing is "No matter in which technology you knew, the matters is your logic should be strong", thats a real fact.
Involvement in the Industry
I am working in HCL Technology as a Software Engineer.Each and every day i spent 4-5 hours for my company as well, I am talking about my own company nothing but "Falcon Corporation".
Required Reading:, stackoverflow, codeproject,jquery, jqwidgets,w3schools and many more.
But also depends upon the situation, what you need to fulfill the requirement.
Role Model:
Two guys are there,
1. First of my Father, he always told, if you have a aim, then you have a direction to move achieve your goal, it should be clear, because life is too short and many thing are there. So your objective must be transparent.
2. One of class mate(MCA) and his name is Zaheer.
Plans For The Future:
I will be best Entrepreneur in IT between two or three year, I am trying to change the way to learn in india. Generally we are believe in theory classes,but i am trying to develop one system for 11th standard student onwards, they understand the coming technology and adopt.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
When I joined the IT, I was not able to communicate properly, but today really i appreciate Corporate-IT, changed my communication style including gesture and posture.
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