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Lawrance Daniel
Lawrance Daniel

Lawrance Daniel

Systems Administrator



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My achievements
In fact the career what i like should be.. yes i hope and guarantee that i reached my achievement that i should in a Good Role in my profession and good personality for the society that i did!!!
Initiative to develop a country
yes it is the responsibility of each person in the own profession that can serve for development of the country..first think is part of earnings or the percentage of earnings that should go to the government which most of the professionals or stealing or avoiding to their part of earnings.. so every point of thinking will defiantly brings the India out country develop...
Thoughts on Education system of our country
This is very important question......our India is imbalance because of education system is very poor. one main think i can put is a rich man background can only do a good education and poor man cannot do it and big business, politics, influences, money, payment these are the measures which is lacking the poor background families for the educations this corruption in education systems should defiantly avoid to bring India a beauty in education.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
In my definition leadership is Action not a Position. a person realize the action, work, ability to extract the workers are employee. not to stick to his position...
Couple of years from now
over Development of corruption in India, a multi million er becomming multi billioner ..a poor becoming very very poor. uneducated people of politics earning Lakh Crore without investment govermemt tat is public money...these are the drastic changes that i observe
Ensuring success
Pray god for the wisdom of life and knowledge to develop the skill and challenge to grow more to achieve the target.
Important lesson learned
Trust youself, love yourself, belive yourself don't seek any help trust and run behind people
More about myself
I would to share like, i am very much proud of this media network which helps to express and share the talent skills between the persons to introduce themselves..thank you so much for Linkedin
Degree that I recommend
Bsc Information technology
Microsoft certified system engineering
Brief description about me
I am Lawrance Born and brought up in Karnataka. and i am from the family of four Dad Mon and sister, i am married and have one child and right now i leave in bangalore working IT industry (department ) serving here as a Systems Administrator. i love my job and like to improve my skills in the IT industry...
My strongest skill
Build a Computer network infrastructure providing 24/7 solutions to the client in any matters of IT
My family background
i am married past 2years and my wife is home maker and i ave cute lovely girl baby and parents stay far away and i ave one sibling my sister married and leaving in bamgalore
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