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Koshy Samuel Samuel
Koshy Samuel Samuel

Koshy Samuel Samuel




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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
My family consists of my wife Molina from Kottayam town in India. We have 3 kids - 2 girls and a boy. There were born 25 Aug 2007 in Kochi, Kerala. We all here in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.
Essential Advice
Now a days in every domain you need to innovate come with new ideas and change from the traditional ways of working. Whatever worked in the past is no more fun for future.
QA/Testing is a highly challenging task to be ready with all ground work and research completed to avoid any unexpected gaps
Tech trends to watch out for
Technology is fast progressing in this present state of the World. Every product is innovated and new ideas are generated every day. People, Process and Technology is driving the Business Process. Whatever we do should make good sense to the future generations and help the state of economy progres
The Journey So Far
I would say from experience that whoever started from small climbed to big has been greatly successful. Learning from mistakes have been my strength always. Knowing people, understanding corporate culture and participating in management teamwork has proved to be rewarding and challenging.
Parting thoughts
Yes I have lots to share with the World in fact. I have big dreams for my state - Kerala and then India and the World. I always been Global in mind as there is only one and one creator for this World. I am against fake product and services, strongly encourage positive communication,transperancy
Required Reading
I would suggest doing a google search or wikipedia to find more on specifically QA/Testing articles...
A Fine Balance:
Stay flexible. There are times when the balance swings to work, but with planning there is time to do what you enjoy.
Everything is a balance between mind,body and the situation. No times remain same but keeps changing so it is challenge how we react to situations. Keeping balanced is healthy
Changes in the industry
Technology is our competitive edge. People make technology happen.
Actually technology changed but not so much as expected as people tend to remain safe in comfort zone always and the company's R&D should be fast enough to innovate the new technolgies to be pushed to the market.
Most Important Lessons
I’ve learned a lot of important life lessons. Of these, the most important one is to have enough courage to always be yourself. Decision Making, Contributing to company's growth and sharing new ideas and improving existing business processes all have been great experiences so far..
Points of inflection
I started to work with Schlumberger from 1991 did my Strathclyde MBA from 2000-2002 moved within the company into its different sister companies to get diverisifed experiences and management styles and people..Moved from Dubai to Saudi during 2005 and now looking forward to a great career break
Plans for the Future
A couple of years from now is a good time line as I personally noticed not short span ambitions come true for all. It takes a while to earn that personal brand identity and reputation for management and people to recognize once abilities and skills. So with my 28 yrs experience I see myself as CEO.
Areas for the Future
Collaborate with organizations and universities to bring in domain experts on an as needed basis which will be both cost effective and really have them cater to your demands as and when you have them
Most Important Decisions
Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions people make in life. This decision is not an easy one, especially for young people. My life my career with a multinational company like Schlumberger has kept me going so far. My ultimate aim is in Business Entrepreneurship and New Ventures.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Interestingly I work in a smaller segment of Artificial Lift business of Schlumberger Oil & Gas Industry our main clients being Saudi Aramco the World biggest Oil Producer.
My role here has been Business Management support and supporting smooth flow of operations support.
Degrees that Matter
Certainly certifications and qualifications are of help but real world experience will make you perfect in handling tasks and completing projects. There are so many innovative ways of doing the same work with less resources and little time for a better product. Think different and focus on the job.
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