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Ask Khushboo Chandwani for Advice
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Khushboo Chandwani
Khushboo Chandwani

Khushboo Chandwani

Cognos Solution Designer

IBM India Pvt Ltd


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Khushboo Chandwani's Advice

Be patient

Being patient and enthusiastic to learn things is really important.There are times when one gets frustrated from a situation and giving up is the e... more>>
Managing professional as well as personal life
I always try to balance both side of my lives.However , there are occasions when either side needs more attention than the other.Never the less it is important that either of the things dosen't overpowers the other for a longer duration as it may cause serious issues later.Therefore , one needs to know when and how to balance both lives.
My role model
There isn't a particular role model who inspires me .However , there are lot of people and personalities who inspire me with there way of thinking and achieving their dreams right from Shah Rukh Khan , Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg.All of these people had a dream in there mind and wanted to bring about a change in the society and they managed to do so.No matter whatever struggle they had to go through all of them have reached there goal.Life is not to be inspired by one particular incident or a person.Everyone around you inspires you in some way or the other
Challenges faced in job
Every day is a new challenge for me and I have learnt a lot from all my years of expereience.Apart from getting technically strong its helping me to develop a lot of soft skills as well.To grow you just dont need to be techinally smart enough but you need to learn how to interact with people, situations and how to manage things around you.All of this counts and helps in some way or the other in your future
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
We need more opportunities if we need to be a world leader.Not that we do not have enough talent in our country, but how much are we getting it utilized is what matters.If there are opportunities within people will not seek anything from outside.
Goals and Ambitions
In next five years, I see myself as a Solution Architect and also learning new skills that will benefit the company and help me achieve my career goals. Never the less I am ready to experience new challenges which are interesting and motivating.
Current Trends
The technology is ever changing and the biggest challenge is to keep with the changes around you.I believe Cloud computing is next big thing coming and to keep up with this would both challenging and interesting.
My important career decision
Moving over from one company to another has been really important part of my career.To be at the right place and at the right time is really crucial part of a persons career.
Family Background
I have grown up in a jolly and a happy family.Also its been a place where there has always been lot of challenging situations around me and this has helped me to learn and develop a lot of skills which is of use to me till today.
My achievement
I have won a lot of awards for my contribution towards my work.And I value each of those.
Company and job profile
I have an experience of over 7 years and Currently working as a Cognos Solution Designer at IBM India Pvt Ltd.
My Responsibilities here are to Evaluate existing BI systems, identify areas of improvement, and suggest data model and reporting solution that involved integration of their systems.• Prioritized all the reporting requests and ensured that the suite of reports meets customer requirements and optimize performance.
Planning work allocation to team member, monitoring and status reporting.
Books recommended
To get started I would recommend to go through Ralph Kimball books on Data warehousing and Dimensional Modelling.However, practical experience is altogether different than reading books.
Making job easier
Prioritizing the tasks is very important and keeping a track of time is utmost important for successful accomplishment of your tasks.
Being different
Getting a specialization degree is really important as its helps you focus in one direction.And it enables you to set your goals accordingly.Having a good education is start towards success.
My advice
Being patient and enthusiastic to learn things is really important.There are times when one gets frustrated from a situation and giving up is the easiest option.However , being patient will help you to move on towards your goals no matter how difficult it may be.
My strongest Skill
I have an Expertise in Data Warehouse architecture and development, with specialization in
• Data Modeling.
• BI Modelling in Framework Manager,Report Writing in Report Studio, Analysis Studio.
• Cognos Installation,Configuration,Administration and Security.
• Performance optimization
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