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Khan Asif Ahmed
Khan Asif Ahmed

Khan Asif Ahmed

System Manager



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More about me
Working as a System Manager at Maharashtra State Seed Co. Ltd, Mahabeej, Akola
Current Job description
Working as a System Manger at Maharashtra State Seeds Corp. Ltd., Mahabeej Bhavan, Krishi Nagar,Akola
Its a large seed industry in Maharashtra.
Job Evolved:
Current: Purchasing and Installing PCs, Printer, Scanners, Switches, Worked on network across the Mahabeej India, developed, design web , maintain & tendering.

Web Designing,
Maintenance of Computer Lab
Server Maintenance,
Networking & Supervising

Research Work
1. Leadership Styles in NOCIL, Akola in MIRPM (Yr. 2007)
2. A Biometrics Fingerprint Security for ATM users in M.Phil Computer Science (Yr. 2009)
Managing personal and professional life
Learning from mistake is the best way but dont make it as a habbit
Tech Management matters more on
They have more options like a program does.
Ensuring Growth
Reading and following gr8 leaders of their time.
Team Management
Be clear about your objectives
Determine who needs to be on the team
Establish a time frame for completion of the team´s work
Empower the team to work well together
Identify how the team will communicate

Effective teams need to focus on both the group and the task

All team members need a clear sense of their collective task

Encourage team members to set and take ownership of goals

Write down and regularly promote the group´s task so everyone remains focused

If individual conflicts arise, review and negotiate them in terms of the task that needs to be completed

Encourage all team members to participate

Keep a written record of group decisions to avoid returning to the same discussion

Establish group norms that everyone feels comfortable with and hold group members accountable

Handle feedback and debate fairly and look for alternative strategies that still fit with the group´s task

Recognize group effort instead of individual effort
Influenced by
Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him influenced my on my life
another personality Hazrat Umer Radi Allahu talah anhu
who give the system to whole world how to manage resources
Excellence in Management
1. Make Online my organization with
website, email and other in-house developed software
2. Make internet facility at our 25 dist place and attached them with head office with the help of BSNL Broadband .(installed hardware and software for that)
3. Purchases of new PCs, Printer, Scanner, Xerox machine and EPBAX System(Head office)
4. Staff Training
5. Trouble shooting etc.
Awards and Recognitions
When I first became the manager of Maharashtra State Seeds Co. Ltd in which I m still working, I initiated a simple email system. When someone use email I appreciate him in front of his/her boss It makes a live environment for old peoples of my organization those hate computers and email are using email smoothly. Bigger achievements is like that they are using PCs,Printer,eMail, Internet, Online programms
and 60% leave manual work.
Leadership qualities
1. Ability to hear fully what others are saying.
2. Ability to hear critical feedback accurately and with minimal reactivity or defensiveness.
3. Ability to respond with openness and curiosity when people disagree.
4. Ability to report authentically on their emotional state.
5. Knows their weakness
6. Models interest in learning.
7. Ability to appreciate the contributions of others
Handling Grievances
unable to give answer
Important career decisions
nothing special
My views on India Technical development
we have make together effort on a single product so we can make lots of technical products
all companies all talents must work on one roof.......... or one area ..... or on one technical product INSHA ALLAH u will see a technical product that will compete to whole worlds technical products
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