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Kanwal Preet
Kanwal Preet

Kanwal Preet

Regional Lead - Learning and Development

Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life


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Important decision
It’s been a conscious decision after my very first job, to not be a safe player and work for channels in companies in start-up phase, at early stages where the risks are high, but the rewards are indefinitely higher. Yes it chips away on your personal time, yes it’s very demanding, but that’s the reason you join a start-up phase projects in company- because you are passionate about bringing in change.
Your learning curve is very steep and in hindsight, these are some of the best career decisions that I made.
Degree that I recommend
Being in Training, Talent Development and Management, we should always be on toes to enhance learning curve and leadership skills, so as to contribute as a Coach and Lead. Training people should act like “Enablers” to the business of an organization, so focus on skill development in facilitation and coaching are two vital factors for career in this field, along with updated knowledge and competition.
Couple of years from now
Hopefully a Serial Entrepreneur, juggling a few different hats in Learning and Development and HR Industry providing emerging businesses solutions to take them to the next levels of performance.
Specific to HR and Training field, I envision that Training and HR practice in organizations be a ‘genuine’ strategic business partner- that is able to effect in some measures the top line as well as the bottom line rather than being a business partner in name. I also envision for my L&D Colleagues to stop thinking of themselves as “Training Folks” but as “Line people”, only then mind and attitude shift can happen.
My family background
Family is always a great support to your success, so is with me. My wifey, a finance and HR professional, is a great strength and stress buster to me. My father, a banker by profession has been my mentor always, and mother, is the best teacher for me. My younger bro who envisions himself as entrepreneur in health services is a Cardiologist.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Educational systems in India need a paradigm shift from theoretical education to a blend of theoretical and practical education. A good student, graduated from an Engineering and B-School, as moves to the outside world, life is totally different. Hence, We need to create enabling environments for equal opportunities for all. Strengthening the capacity of all stakeholders: upgrade knowledge, develop skills and expertise to advance, would help us for improved quality in educational systems.
Influenced by
Mr. Inderjit Singh, my grandfather, who has been a great inspiration in my life. He was a great speaker with immense knowledge, a bold and visionary leader, enabling others to succeed in their lives.
I always colligate these attributes to a successful entrepreneur, my vision couple of years down the line.
Important lesson learned
I learnt a very valuable lesson early on “Don’t be a cog in the wheel, BE the wheel”. While it is great to work with renowned organizations who have strong brand identities and are proven best employers, it does take a long time for an individual to be able to impact a sea change in such organizations because they have become ‘set’ in their ways, and change is possible but in slow and steady ways. On the other hand the freedom, responsibility, accountability that a smaller organization gives you in terms of shaping the work, culture etc is incomparable.
Brief description about me
With 7 years of full time work and 2 years of part time work behind me, I look back at a rewarding journey so far. I may not have had all the answers and may have made a lot of mistakes but at least I did something about it. As Bruce Lee said “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”

In this short career span, I have worked for Tata AIG, that brought me to this wonderful career in Training and Development and I’ve been working with L &D, HR Training, Talent Development and Management since. In this Span, had a fruitful journey with MetLife, NHG and working with Kotak now.
I am a keen learner and vision myself to become a great Coach! I love family pastimes - Am a certified Facilitator and Coach and a dedicated L&D Professional. Shopping and Driving are another passion.
I have just one life, so I’m making sure that I’m not just a boring Training Lead and I L.I.V.E it up!
My strongest skill
Training & Talent Development, Strategic Planning, Channel and Client Relationship Management, Recruitment, Contest Design & Development
Induction Operations and Team Management
More about myself
Message to Youngsters :
In the entrepreneurship arena, We all learn everyday. Its high time to jump in early, be steadfast and enjoy every moment. Keep bird's eye view at Life Goals and keep on working towards building blocks to reach your destination with passion and spirit.
Ensuring success
I always get some time to reflect on where I'm are now and my vision, to understand which skills i need to develop. Create & act on a clear CDP, depth and breadth of skills grows over time helping to achieve your desired goals and ambitions. It makes me feel more engaged and
motivated in current role and helps me to add more value to business.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Having a great idea, and assembling a team to bring the concept to life is the first step in creating a successful business and this is possible only having great leaders, some essential qualities that every good leader should possess, and learn to emphasize are, Confidence, positive attitude, ability to inspire, commitment, ability to delegate, honesty, communication, sense of humor, creativity and intuition.
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