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Jyothi Kammela
Jyothi Kammela

Jyothi Kammela


Life Image Consulting


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My role model
The first role model I look up to is my father.His self-imposed discipline which I have witnessed year after year, in his daily schedule, planning, organizing and meticulous execution of each task is admirable and worth emulating. It is a key factor for his success in life. Despite his achievements, the simplicity with which he conducts his life inspires me to follow in his footsteps. His unwavering focus on his professional subject and his constant research to invent logical and technical ways to bring its benefits closer to modern lives and minds, without materialistic greed driving him, clearly establishes the fact that passion is a key factor for success.
My strongest skill
As I see my strongest professional skills are : Building relationships,Decision Making, Initiative & Enterprise. My strongest Attributes include: Self-confidence, Commitment / dedication, Honesty & reliability.
More about myself
India is a country rooted in traditions. Indians are proud of their five thousand year old culture. As such they tend to avoid change.It takes time for them to accept something new, something different. However the younger generation is quick in adapting to new technologies and approaches, though at times for the wrong reasons. There should be a genuine change in the approach and attitude. There is a need to develop a liberal outlook backed by the strength of our age old value system. Mere aping the West or criticizing our culture will not take us far. Every Indian needs to understand & implement Quality, Integrity & Professionalism in work culture. This would definitely enhance the Image of India.
Important lesson learned
a.When confronted with uncertainty and catastrophic situations, we need to reach within and develop inner courage and confidence. They always stand by you and help you sail through. b.One needs to take care of all three – the mind, body & spirit and nurture them with healthy positive thoughts constantly. Being alive is possible when your thoughts remain positive.
Couple of years from now
I see myself closer to the goal of being a successful entrepreneur, improving chances of success and quality of life of people through effective Image Management and propagating Positive Indian Cultural Values as a Life Coach and Counselor to young and old in India and abroad.
My achievements
1.All through my career I have been able to win the appreciation of superiors, the good will of colleagues and co-operation of subordinates. That made professional life happy and progressive and at the same time made people around me live better lives. Developed a personal brand of Trust & Reliability. 2.On the personal side I have been able to strike a proper balance between being a successful entrepreneur and a loving home maker for my children. I am proud of their educational achievements and mature mental outlook in life.
Initiative to develop a country
Professionals should walk the talk and set an example of proficiency and efficiency. They should be able to win the confidence of their clientele through honesty and integrity and by proving their credibility. This will help the country to develop a good standard of work-culture, moral values and business ethics that are essential for India to become an ethically responsible & quality conscious country.
Degree that I recommend
I recommend Image Consulting Partnership Program offered by the Image Consulting Business Institute, Mumbai. It has the best curriculum on Image Management in the country presently. They also offer a Professional Diploma course in Image Management.
Brief description about me
I entered the banking industry, as a probationary officer after graduating with distinction from Chennai University, as a probationary officer in Corporation Bank and served in various supervisory and managerial positions for over two decades. During that period, close observation of those who enjoyed success & a better quality of life, created a yearning in me to take up a career which would enable me to help & mentor people to succeed and enhance their quality of life. This urge led me to Image Management. I qualified as an Image Consultant, trained by the Image Consulting Business Institute, Mumbai, under the Curriculum of Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA, prescribed by Judith Rasband, a Certified Image Master in the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Vision, Action and Empathy. A great Vision enables a leader to inspire and motivate his team to focus their efforts to reach the goal. A great Vision also entails benefits for a large populace. No goal or vision can be achieved without Action. A successful leader practices what he preaches and sets an example. Empathy is the single critical quality which empowers a leader to take the right decision at the right time for larger benefit, in any given situation.
Ensuring success
Practice is what makes one perfect! Apart from catering to regular clients, I offer free consultations to a few people which help me understand their needs. I associate with my parent institution, ICBI and involve myself in their developmental activities which keep me abreast in my field. I am a Trainer and an Evaluator with the institute. Besides this, I am constantly educating myself in various fields and expanding the scope of application of Image Management tomorrow and more people. I am interested to incorporate Yoga, Meditation and Healing remedies into my consulting packages so that I have a wide choice of appropriate solutions to the problems of clients and to ensure a holistic development of the client, physically, mentally and spiritually. This assures the client achieving a truly strong and positive personality and enables me to develop into a successful human being.
Influenced by
The Gandhian principles have influenced me thoroughly in my life. At a very young age I was inspired by the story of young Gandhi mustering courage to speak the truth. It struck me very deeply that courage is something you need to build consciously and that courage to live life truthfully and face oneself honestly are going to be the hallmark of integrity and character in a person. With these principles firmly lodged in me, I have moved through life with peace and ease, garnering co-operation wherever I went and managed to get the best out of people around me. The rewards have been in the form of recognition as a reliable, honest person with integrity.
My family background
'I hail from a family of Astrologers who have passionately worked on enhancing the level of acceptance of this subject globally by analysing and presenting it with logical and technical reasoning with appreciable success. My father, K. Jayasekhar is an International Astrologer, having travelled across various countries spreading the knowledge of Vedic Astrology and Indian Culture. He has extensive clientele in many continents and has authored several books. He is presently settled in Hosur near Bangalore, catering to the needs of his clientele with the help of Internet Technology. My siblings are settled in Bangalore and Chennai. I am happily settled in Thane District with my two children. My daughter is pursuing her career with a reputed law firm in Mumbai and my son is pursuing his TYBcom.'
Important decision
1.The most difficult yet most important decision was to walk out of an unhappy marriage at the right time. This ensured the children grow up in a peaceful congenial domestic atmosphere as well as minimize the adverse effects of the divorce. The dual-parent role I had to play was tough but helped us all lead normal lives. Maintaining work life balance was critical and I managed to pull it off successfully. 2.The second most important but less difficult decision was to quit a safe, public sector job at a senior level to venture out as an entrepreneur and pursue the heart’s calling. With courage and confidence, I took these decisions and have no regrets. With the understanding and good wishes of family and friends who stood by me, I am well on my way towards achieving my goals.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
The education system in India relies heavily on theory. There is a wide difference in syllabus offered by different Boards of Education. The application aspect of the knowledge is overlooked and the students are tested mainly on their capacity to memories and reproduce loads of theory. General knowledge, societal obligations & responsibilities, civic sense, a global perspective are all missing in the present curriculum of the students, particularly at the formative levels. To improve the quality, the focus of education should shift to practical application and the assessments & tests need to be modified suitably. Instead of regurgitation of inhuman volume of theories at the end of the year, the general standard of the students’ needs to be enhanced through regular internal assessments and more of snap/oral tests to ingrain on the feet thinking. National Scouts & Cadets schemes to be revived & proper activities and ranking systems are to be evolved to instill a sense of civic responsibility in the students. The inventions and discoveries in the scientific and technological world demand specialization in all fields. Vocational activities have become wide and varied. This gives the opportunity for the students to make a personalized choice of vocation which suits their temperament and personality. They should emerge out of their education equipped with specialized skills to enter specialized fields of operation. The Parent Teachers Association should expand to include Student – Parent - Teacher Association. Essentially it is the future is of the Student that counts. The new generation student is much more mature and has a clear concept of what he or she needs than their ancients and so you need to hear their voices & their choices!
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