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Jyothi Gosala
Jyothi  Gosala

Jyothi Gosala

Advertising, Communications, Media, Publishing Professional

Shubang Communications

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Jyothi Gosala's Advice

Face the challenges

When confronted with challenges face them, it makes you a stronger person. Being positive & opimistic is very important to achieve your goals. If you dont have the positivity in you, you cant bring out the best in others too. By being humble one will go to greater heights.
More about myself
Career Ambitions: I was quite an ambitious girl from an early age. Always with books & in libraries. My late grandfather was a great Orator & I was tutored by him to a great extent in public speaking, creative & letter writing from an early age.

Though I had options between Psychology & Communications, I decided to pursue & specialise in Communication. I worked for Television Companies & Advertising agencies & Productions Houses to pick up experience. With hands on exposure & understanding in new media industry regionally, nationally, & also & the international level, I thought I should begin my entrepreneurial quest as the market was opening up for youngsters. I named my agency "Shubang Communications" & it was started in 2006.

The main focus at the agency is to drive & initiate quality focused work. When we started we were dealing with regional clientele, we were approached by a few national agencies for tie-ups. That speaks of the brand Shubang has carved within a shot span of time.
Influenced by
My Father is a very strong influencer in my life. He's a perfect example of hardwork & determination. He's a man of example & leads by example. His simplicity & wonderful human nature makes him command respect from all at all times.
Important decision
First & Foremost, When I decided I decided, I'll not work for anyone, that was a big decision made. I was quite versatile & talented from an early age, & in to different activities, from compering to karate to dramatics to leadership & creativitiy.

I chose to be an entrepreneur as the market was opening up for youngsters & there was a lot of potential in the emerging markets nevertheless the challenges. As it was a Communications agency, I was crystal clear, as I did my Intership with BHEL under my father who was heading the strategic Communications & PR at BHEL Hyderabad & his team which provided me a direction during my graduation.

So in 2006 January Shubang Communications was formed, its an integrated communications, media, advertising, publishing agency based out in Hyderabad.

Conversationsonline is an Emagazine catering to new media news.

Shubang Publishing was created in 2008 with a mission to give an opportunity to first time writers/authors to self publish their books.
Degree that I recommend
For those aspiring to be a Journalist/Communications/PR Communications Professional, one can do Journalism & Mass Communications at the Graduate & Masters level. Several Colleges & Universities offer programmes which enable students to do internships early & pick up partime jobs.

For entrepreneurship, the best way to pick up experience is to join an entrepreneur & gain experience.
My family background
I hail from a South Indian Telugu Brahmin Family. Born on 30th October in Hyderabad to Smt & Sri GLN Bhaskar Rao, I'm the youngest of the 3 daugters. My father was basically an Electrical Engineer with BHEL & later was heading the strategic division of the Communications & PR of BHEL Hyderabad Unit. My mother is a Veena Artist.
Important lesson learned
When confronted with challenges face them, it makes you a stronger person.

Being positive & opimistic is very important to achieve your goals. If you dont have the positivity in you, you cant bring out the best in others too.

By being humble one will go to greater heights.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
For a leader to be successful, he/she has to be one aligned with the team wholly to understand every team member in & out. Being a student of Psychology has helped me to understand this better.

Farsighteness, Innovation driven with market insights, Implementation & Execution are very crucial at the right time & right stages of growth cycle.
Ensuring success
Shubang Communications is looking at Collaborations/tie-ups with bigger companies in communications/publishing space.

Learning is a continuous process. Am passionate about study programs. Am presently doing a study program with Harvard.

I've been an active member of Loksatta Party. Shubang Communications has been supporting the Loksatta party in the various new media initiatives since 2006. Handled the branding & campaign designs for Loksatta for the 2008 by-elections, 2009 elections.

Also associated with Uniting for Peace an International NGO based in UK. Shubang Publishing has recently done the book launch of "The Economics of Killing" by Author Vijay Mehta in 3 cities of Delhi, Mumbai & Hyderabad.
My strongest skill
Good & Strong Communications, Networking Skills, Leadership, People Skills, Public Relations, Compering, Public Speaking, Creative Writing.
Brief description about me
Family: I hail from a south Indian orthodox family. My father was associated with BHEL & Mother is a Veena artiste. We are 3 sisters & I'm the youngest.

Education: I've had an interest for the Social Sciences & Arts from an early age & I chose to do my B.A. in Psychology, Political Science & English Literature. I then contemplated to do my Journalism & Mass Communications from Osmania University & much later Psychology from Madras University. I hold a degree in Entrepreneurship from ISB. I always felt education is an asset & not a liability which broadens the horizons of an individual.

I was associated with All India Radio as a Compere in English & this is my passion as I do for a cause. I've been compering from my schooling as a school leader & I remember it was such a joy earning my pocket money. I conduct business sessions all over. I've received many a rare appreciations & awards for my compering & my voice.

I'm also a Karate Black Belt Holder & won a many a medals.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education is an asset, not a liability. Inspite of the investment parents are making on childs education, are they assured of jobs? Only 40-50% make it the most preferred companies of their choice. The rest make different choices as they no choice. Today unemployment has taken a toll on youth, they are the most disgruntled.

The vocational system in India has to change, we need to sync in a practical mode with a theoretical study. We need youth to take more internship & study & exchange programs from an early age for a better exposure. By the time they graduate, they have enough, experience, to take up partime jobs, to support themselves.

Quality can happen when we facilitate & improve the knowledge programs to a larger extent by giving impetus to education & increasing the no. of seats & Universities, be it IIM, IIT'S, BITS, Govt. should scrap the quota system & encourage equal participation so that the talent is given a fair chance. There is brain drain because of discrimination.
Couple of years from now
I hope we would grow the agency to a mid size one atleast by 2014-15. That's our target. I'm looking at collaborations & tie-ups with larger firms in new media space. I'm passionately working towards it to the next level. Shubang Communications has already carved a niche with its strong brand presence both regionally & nationally.
My achievements
Black Belt in Karate-Highest Degree
Won Gold Medal in Malaysia in 1991
Won many Medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze) for Karate

Best Compere in English (Professional Associations)

Best Communications & PR Professional
My role model
My late Grand Father was my Role Model. He was a great source of inspiration to me from an early age. I remember I use to spend all my free time with him in conversations. He was an amazing Conversationalist & a great Orator. He was educated from the Madras University. He was an authority in English. Even till date I cant recall the way he use to narrate the speeches or quotes of Shakespeare or any other Litterateur. The only gifts he gave me were books. I spent all my time with him learning about different topics, be it vedanta, biographies of famous people or letter writing or speech writing.

Though he's no longer which leaves me with a void, but he continues to inspire me with the wonderful memories, the books he's gifted me which I cherish continue to inspire me dream on further. He's my ROLE MODEL.
Initiative to develop a country
India has undergone a major change since 2001 when development started happening with the IT boom. And then we could see the spread of the same in the other sectors slowly & steadily. Unless the development happens evenly we cant expect a complete developed economy.

Since 2008, the market in India, was open to entrepreneurs which was a welcome change. I think the more the no. of entrepreneurial set-ups it will provide job opportunities to many. The govt. should encourage youth & provide them all support. This will also boost the economy.

Also the Public policy & Reforms need a complete change. Youth need to get in public office & governance. Our country needs more youth in politics & am sure the youth will play a pivotal role in public affairs towards a developed India. Today Corporates & Professional are joining Politics & playing a key role & that's a welcome change. 2014 elections will see a lot of youth this time to be part of politics.
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