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Joy Leo

Joy Leo

HR Professional USA

University of Virginia

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Improving Education system
If we need to improve our education, we need to change two things, Education System and Culture. Culture plays a major role in our education system. We link Gods, rituals and religious belief to our education system. Students make offerings to their deities to pass exams. This is how everyone including the law makers have grown up. This is how the system is linked to. When the West was gracing cattle and riding horses, Indians were writing books and teaching classes. It is difficult for parents and students to stop rituals and beliefs. It is difficult for teachers to accept students as PARTNERS IN LEARNING, it is difficult for the education system to provide online education to make it available easily and to everyone, it is difficult for parents to ask their children to earn and support their own education, It is difficult for law makers to make high quality education free as in the United States. But the question is, do we want this change?
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
Attract: There are two types of attraction to any job. One, what the world say? And Two, what I think? What the world says is the goodwill that the organization brings and what I think is my competency, skills, salary, location, culture, current life situation, etc. There is always a compromise between these two. If the second has more pressure, I may compromise on the first, if the first has more pressure, I may compromise on the second. A good HR professional knows how to deliver this product to good candidates.
Retain: Even a CEO of the world’s best company may leave. There is no single solution to retain. It should be tailored individually and according to the employee’s situation not compromising on the company policies.
Advance: Do not make a good worker into poor manager.
Pain Points:
Human Relations. You cannot like everyone and cannot dislike everyone. The 4Rs – Money, Machine, Material and Men required for any organization and only one is very unpredictable, unrealistic, very dynamic and cannot be controlled but only managed. That is Men.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
In today’s challenging work environment, we do not want book worms as they call in India. While working with a Multi-national in India, we used to conduct campus recruitment and hire final year students who have scored above 75% aggregate. The assumption was that if a student could put in effort to gain that score, he/she will put in that much effort at work. But this does not work that way in the United States. Here in the US, effort is not a measure, it is only a means. Whereas result is what measured. They don’t care how much effort one puts in to accomplish something, they only care if you could produce results. To bring result one need not be educated or have high academic scores. One needs to be SMART. And if anyone has both, I can assure you, they are hot in the job market.
I look for SMART people who could fix problems with less time, less cost and high quality rather than someone who run to library to read notes on how to do things.
Relationship with HR and Top Management
Document what you need to document. Approach with business mind and not with any personal biasness. Always have a plan and back-up plan. Support all decisions and ideas with data points. Do not have any pre-determination on any situation.
Current job profile
I am supporting one of the best Universities in the United States as their Human Resources Professional. My role is to Recruit, Respect and Retain (3R) the best teaching faculty, Internationally renowned Doctors and Staff for the University.
Current HR Trends:
Global village is forming slowly. Location and space management has hit the crunching world to great extent in terms of money and investment. Soon the world will see employees working remotely and not in a building sitting in closed offices or cubicals. Technologies are changing so fast that skills are becoming absolute very early in employee’s career. How to advance employees to the next generation is another challenge. HR cost is also increasing with increased salaries, perks, practices, retention, and so on. How to optimize this cost is yet another challenge.
HR Challenges:
First, be flexible to change strategies anytime.
Second, Always be customer focused. Do not think on how best you can serve the customer, think on how best the customer liked to be served.
Third, Always think about cost, quality and time in whatever strategy you make.
Fourth, Don’t compromise on your principles, even if CEO want’s it to. You may respect a decision, yet disagree with it.
Fifth, Know what is going around you. Competition, changes, challenges, etc.
Six, Believe in yourself (in fact this should be the first, since it is more personal I put it last)
Recommended Reading
SHRM is a good website, they also provide monthly magazine with latest HR trends. Ofcourse SiliconIndia provides good information as well. NIPM and NHRD is also good to become member with.
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
Empower HR. In my experience I have seen successful organizations has empowered their HR folks with strong processes, policies and best practices. Program Heads, VP-Marketing/Finance may not agree to this as they consider HR as cost factor. But the truth is, a good HR practice is the success to any organization.
HR Strategies In Place
As I have mentioned earlier, Recruit, Respect and Retain (3Rs) is the main HR strategy. All HR best practices are bucketed into these three strategies.
Recruiting new generation:
1)Set expectations
2)Provide opportunities
3)Provide challenges
6)Ensure High Touch
7)After all this if they leave, do not worry.
Parting Thoughts
What you believe is what you are. Do good, stay healthy, have fun and enjoy life. You are the creator and destroyer of your life and don’t blame it on your manager or organization.
My achievements
Working as HR Professional in the United States, advising management on HR practices, policies and procedures and handling employee relations in a foreign land is an achievement by itself.
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