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Jagadish Nadar
Jagadish Nadar

Jagadish Nadar

Sr. Manager

SBI Life Insurance co. Ltd

Handling Grievances
As a leader I always look the grievance in different angle, mostly the perception of the employee and conflict of interest lead to grievance, I give preference to the organizational goal and opportunity for all my team members, Periodical interaction with team members individually and giving them the organizational future plan and his role in future may reduce grievance, one would better concentrate on their task and perform better to achieve organization goal together as team.
Team Management
I prefer flat structure than hierarchy, Role of all the members has to be given importance, Entire team should have understanding of other members roles and responsibility, I always create backup for each role, I always give free hand to the team along with the task and schedule, it is the team to decide and perform better to achieve task within the time box, I always welcome team member to come up with innovative / creative ideas to cut on the routine task of self and team. the interaction within the team is informal and friendly environment.
Managing personal and professional life
Any decision taken will have pros and cons, I see long term benefit, the selected path may have some constrains in the beginning but in the later stage will be favorable. I divide all my goals into small milestones, which will help me to identify any hurdles and over come to connect the dots right. Personal and professional are go hand in hand, one who success in personal and professional is accepted as a leader. It is not necessary that in all the task once has to successful but takes great learning from the mistake and achieve the success double then the earlier phase.
My advice
I would like to say, kindly treat every issue as a new challenge, and do not carry any perception, handle with sensitivity, and see to it that your decision should not impact or cause any further damage, the result should win-win situation for each one involved in it. This would improve the productivity and business. Be a good leader then a manager. Improvise your weakness at the same time revisit your strength.
Leadership qualities
Be a innovator then discovering it. Take initiatives, Mange changes well, respond proactively, keep commitments, be accountable and create positive business results.
My views on India Technical development
We are always find short cuts and we are good at producing small utilities then developing tech product. Actually every company should allocate budget for R&D. and form R&D team and assign few marketing resource to the R&D team, This Combination of Marketing and R&D can create wonders.
Influenced by
Mahatma Gandhi has influenced me as leader,He is un disputed leader, He thought us simplicity and non-violence.
Tech Management matters more on
Tech managers should always solution provider to the team with soft kills, Should upgrade them self with latest technology. She/he has to like a fire fighter, were ever they see a smoke, immediately doze it with viable solutions, may be technical or personnel in nature.
Excellence in Management
My contribution as a Quality Manager in my organization
1. Designed and developed(Innovated) excel based Database testing framework, it is application independent.
2. Empaneled new Test Vendors by floating RFP.
3. Planned and executed successfully existing Test Vendor Transition without impacting the business in stipulated 3 months Time box.
4. We have launched Multilingual Website and Online sales portal.
Awards and Recognitions
In our organization we have many recognition and Awards schemes, one among is GEMs(Going Extra Miles), I have got GEMs award for the contribution in Automating Legacy application testing.
Important career decisions
My most important career decision to take up was current employment an Insurance Domain 7 years back as Quality Assurance (QA) Manager, QA is challenging role and Insurance industry is dynamic industry, in initial phase with plenty of learning of opportunity, my previous experience of 12 years in Banking and Security markets had helped me to perform well in the current role.
Current Job description
Currently I am playing role of Quality Assurance(QA) Manager , I am responsible for the Quality of our Core system i.e Policy Management System(PMS) and other application’s, every new changes in to the system has to tested in multiple environment and certify it before publishing it. My team is combination of Manual and Automation Testers, internal and Vendor resources, I interact with users teams, Delivery Teams, Business Analysts and Test Vendors. It is very challenging to automate any application which is undergoing changes, in Insurance industry application changes are very enormous and in such conditions we have automated and maintaining for last 5 years.
Ensuring Growth
As I, have mentioned in my previous answer, we have our PMS and other applications, Other applications we help them recruit vendor resource, train them, Automate certain modules, In coming days will take over other application testing under QA Team,My team members will also get change to grow, will lead one-one application.
More about me
Constantly add value to the role and the profile which you are taken up. Learn to appreciate others work.
Family background
We are four member family,
My self -, MBA ,
My Wife - B.A(Eco),B.Ed
My Son who is studying in 7th std and
My Daughter who is studying in 2nd std
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