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Gaurav Sethi
Gaurav Sethi

Gaurav Sethi

HARRIS Broadcast

Harris Broadcast


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Current Job description
I look after Sales and Strategy Management for Harris Broadcast Software & hardware solutions in South Asia region as Regional Sales Manager.It starts from educating customer on workflows for broadcast till sucessful deployment.It includes traffic& billing, automation, servers, editing, infrastrcture, media asset management, graphics, test & measurement, encoding & decoding with CA integration.
My family background
I belong to a business family running from last 30 years. I'm youngest in family with a elder brother & Sister and I stay with parents, brother, sister in law and neice.
Importance of brand image
It depends on product and how big the deployment. In our industry brand image in particular very important as it brings along the experience of individuals and product line. Brand plays a big role for sales and support and big deplyments. Ofcource big brands bring in financial stability for corporates to invest.
Upcoming Trends
Broadcast on cloud, OPEX mmodel and outsourcing will do wonders and its catching up real fast.
Becoming good marketing professionals
Yes, they can. Theres a thin line between sales and marketing as sales is mix of marketing and commercial manager. It will be very easy for sales personnel to be a marketing professional.
Essential qualification required
Engineering, Core experience for few years in broadcast television industry along with Management course from reputed institute.
What achievements are you really proud off , in your corporate journey?
Managing Sales operations for Harris Broadcast for last few years and being suceeful in same.
Comparing Online sales with hardcore sales
Theres a hige difference betweem hardcore sales & online sales process( ecommerce). It varies from product to product. In our case hardwork has to be done to sell first, later it can be followed to online sales once customer starts using it products for repeat order. However in consumer products its better to have online sales with as much details and comparsions. It will help end user to compare and buy it immediately without any need to go shop and take a pain to buy. Each has own advantage depending on nature of product.
My advice to upcoming professionals
Focus on knowing deatiled workflows, market trends, how you can allign your goals with company business models and most important; always try to have a happy customer.
Developing a country
Professinals should participate in active politics, unless we as professionals get into active system, anything from outside will be less. To change we need to get in the system.
Essential skills
Experience in televison Broadcast industry, sales management background, relationship management and a merry person.
Education system in India
We need to have centralized and equal education for all kids barring poor or rich like in US which is area wise. Private education should be discouraged. This will allow them to have common platform to start. We should remove SC / OBC quota from our country in next 5-10 years. Let all be at same platform to start from day 1, this will help our country to grow better and faster.
Motivating team members
Remind them their focus, what they want to acheive in life and discussing issues and sorting out problem on first place.
Handling new territory
Its challenging as one needs to strategize need for teritory and act accordingly. It includes multiple aspects right from support, local invnetory, individual customer requirement and bring a better product to market.We need to focus and enforce the need and keep doing same, it will definitely bring in success.
Effect of sales on an organization
Sales in like hemoglobin in blood for a organisation which keeps it running. Any organisattion without sales cannot lead for long run. Most of the decision making happens by SALES and required by sales to bring in more numbers for organisation. As management they should follow regional sales need and develop product and services accordingly. it should be as flexble enough to meet regional sales requirement. Most of the times regional numbers affects organisation goal and future roadmap.
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