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Dr S Ranganathan Ranganathan
Dr S Ranganathan Ranganathan

Dr S Ranganathan Ranganathan


ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Blogs (19)
Your Role
Research and Development. Understanding the scientific developments in the market space, exploring innovation scope, collaboration etc.
New trend
Behaviour/Attitude change, communication technology, bio-informatics are some of the areas I am watching carefully and I believe they will help in my business as well. Certainly social responsibility as well.
Tools of BI
I did not understand the question clearly. However, TATA group of industries I consider to be the best model.
Comparison of current work from previous one
Earlier I was a employee and more than showcasing my talents and capabilities, I was always looking at how to impress the ultimate boss and only then survival was possible.

But today I am focusing purely on my capabilities and through which I wish to bring real difference in the world.
After few years
Taking biology and biological research into new heights. Taking all the unknown management principles of nature to the modern business world. Certainly offer true value to all my customers through our offering.
Personal Information
A scientist at heart, committed conservationist and extensively doing research to bringing different aspects of nature to human learning, awakening and for the total and complete growth. Presently the Director of a new and very young Biotech Company - ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai.
Recommending Specialization
Clarity in thoughts, listening to the inner call, dream, believe and work.
Concept of BI
Business intelligence is not different from our basic intelligence. If we relate our intelligence with our inner call, we can find success.
Role of BI
Certainly it is important. Only if we have business intelligence, we will not change our stands quickly for quick returns and instead we will try to strategies, evolve a best plan and move ahead.
Book and websites
Learn about nature. Open the inner eye and observe every subtle aspects of nature, species diversity, adaptation and evolution of plants and animals.
Definition of BI
Apply the intelligence towards the inner call
Simple, honest and try to provide the best to customers. Automatically the best rewards will follow.
Different from others
I don not see any difference.
Describe your struggle of achieving success
Understand the inner call, develop adequate skills and competencies, be committed and focused and finally never get lost in fooling comparison. Compare to know the distinction and not for self whipping.
Decision taken
I left my career as employee and become an entrepreneur.
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