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Ask Dr Krishna Hanamantachar Katti for Advice
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Advice Request
Dr Krishna Hanamantachar Katti
Dr Krishna Hanamantachar Katti

Dr Krishna Hanamantachar Katti

Adm Public Relation Officer

Kannada University,HAMPI.KARNATAKA.


Dr Krishna Hanamantachar Katti is a member of:

HR Strategies In Place
I am working in University.Please take all employes in confidence.To cultivate love & affection on farm.please to look all employes like your children's & brothers.The Indian theory "VASU DIYVA KUTUMBAKAM" Definitely help to the farm for development.
Pain Points:
Discrimination,rationalization. Where Industry Is locating on that area should get importance in all aspects.
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
Be constructive for development.Do not put any wrong ideas in farm.Be cool.please listen the things from management & employes.Must think all time welfare of the employees & management.Don't become A agent of the both.Be a prompt gentlemen.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
Present day the selfishness is growing like any thing.Because there is no SAMSKAR.So please listen good do good to your family.Family means Employes & industry.Don't make discrimination in your administration.
Recruiting new generation:
Theory is theory all are different.Every person is entering the industry for food & shelter for him & his dependents.You have put confidence on him it's our look out to see all your needs.By the by often & often tell them the how industry got the shape.Hoe we all are struggling for's give a affection on farm.
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
Following the work.Attitude of his in working place & out side.How much he love the job & farm.The employes should know that to become A leader or promotion must work on welfare aspect.Do it give your ears to some one.
Relationship with HR and Top Management
HR is very important in farm.Relations between CEO & HR like KRISHNA & ARJUN.It's Called SAKHYA YOGA.
Parting Thoughts
Please put in mind welfare of the country.
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
Please give the importance to prompt & knowledge Persons.With out seeing any thing Don't take any good & bad decisions.
Leadership Programs in Place:
Day by day you are monitoring the things.On that basis you must evaluate the work.where they need give or send them for training & refresher courses.
Improving Education system
India is having maximum villages.First must give the important for rural education.The every village must have A primary school with good instructor.The primary education must give in mother tongue.This is very important.The primary education is having so many problems.The big gap between govt institutions & private institutions.The present day slowly education system controlled by politicians industrialist & effected on teaching others.It's effected on teaching. Because govt has give much more importance for primary education.Please put common syllabus in all over country.It's give integration.after 12 student opt his interested field.Please make common rules & regulations in allover INDIA for primary & secondary Education.
Recommended Reading
Every person some thing good reach in there life they must reed BHGVATA GEETA.Any man is having or facing any problem ion his any life the GEETA give the correct path.
Helping to develop the country
The professionals give theory constructive ideas for developing the country.After getting the every thing from country please give some thing to country.Please love the mother land & mother tongue.
Current HR Trends:
Discrimination.Cast & regional politics.
HR Challenges:
The HR should free from the management & local politics.Please make appointment on merit.If your giving the opportunity to local people in there also give the importance for merit & social justices.Please think the development of management & society.In democratic country every industry is facing so many problems.Some are telling some are not telling to any one any time.In this conformance HR must make good planning for development.
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