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Dr Ashish Rao
Dr Ashish Rao

Dr Ashish Rao

Director - Strategy and Vitality

Adirya - An Engagement Solutions Company


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Couple of years from now
Previously I've been advising Asia-Pacific businesses of ABB and also a member of Global Team on Occupational Health in ABB. In the next couple of years I see myself advising more organisations on the principles of Occupational Health and Safety, Employee Wellness, Health Strategy and Benefits, Sustainability. I would also like to dedicate my time to building up talent pool from fresh medical graduates with quality. I also believe in giving back to society as an individual and will strive to be of value to society...!
Important decision
My most important decision in Life was joining Oil881984Gas sector as I believe here is where my career changed from a practicing Family and General Physician to Corporate Medical Advisor and Occupational Health and Safety Consultant. My hunger to increase my curve of learning lead me to automobile, manufacturing and IT sectors and I've been lucky to be able to land up jobs with the best of them..!
Thoughts on Education system of our country
The education system in India is one among the best. What lacks is the practicality of what one learns? To be able to increase the talent pool in India in various fields, the system needs to adapt more to the market and adopt dynamism. I think the contents are fine but needs to be re-modelled and made to deliver rather than push the learners to theories. Although, it is adapting new changes to delivering education but it is too slow in this process. We need to be quicker and use the latest tools and technologies being offered by this era.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
A successful leader needs to be Honest, Communicative, Trustworthy and should Walk the Talk..! One also needs to be Positive, should be able to inspire and confident. The leader should be respecting and inclusive.
Ensuring success
I read various literature on my profession, business and the market dynamism. I also read books which have no bearing on my professional life. I feel they act as destressors. To grow and develop, one needs to interact with old timers as well the new comers within the organisation a) to understand the culture, values and beliefs and b) to understand the current needs
Influenced by
I've been influenced by my Parents and one of my Superior. Life of my parents instilled in me patience, power to face challenges, empathy and enriched me on emotional front too. My superior enhanced all of these and also influenced my professional qualities.
My achievements
Setting up of Medical Centre in Cairn with a health risk assessment during my initial years with Industry.
Building up Health Services in ABB India
Being recognised by ABB Global Leadership for the work and inviting me to be a part of Global Decision making team
Degree that I recommend
After the graduation one must first gain experience in clinical aspects. Only then an individual should work in Industries. Post this, one can go for specialisation in Occupational Health and Safety. One most common PG Fellowship is Associate Fellow of Industrial Health given by Regional Labour Institutes. There are some certificate and Diploma courses available in some states which enhances ones skill-sets. For International recognition of academia there are different courses offered by various countries especially Europian and Americas.
Brief description about me
I'm a medical graduate from a small district in Maharashtra with over 16 yrs of experience. I've worked in various industrial sectors in India like Oil&Gas, Automobile, Manufacturing and now IT..! I've done my MBBS from Wardha District in Maharashtra and started working as a duty doctor @ Nashik and moved on to work as Govt Medical Officer in various towns and villages in and around Nagpur in Maharashtra. I've worked with Cairn Energy, General Motors, ABB Ltd and currently associated with IBM as Lead Occupational Physician for Indian businesses. Over this 15 yrs I've gained experience in Occupational Health and Safety, Employee Wellness, Corporate Medical Management, Health Strategy and Benefits and Sustainability. I've been exposed to Global Principles and best practices in all of the above fields and has also helped me in enhancing the current practices being followed in Indian industries. Apart from above my interest lies in driving, music, reading and ofcourse sports..!
Initiative to develop a country
The need of the hour is Entrepreneurship.
My family background
I come from a family of varied background. I've been lucky enough to be brought up with highly learned and literary personalities. On the other hand I've witnessed Entrepreneurship since childhood. Although, this rich circle of influence in now lacking --- resultant of nuclear family, but hopefully I'll be able to provide for my children a similar kind of environment in times to come..
Important lesson learned
Every moment of your life, be it professional or social or at home teaches you many lessons. It is upto us to recognise and imbibe those learnings. However, certain beliefs and values get reinforced from time to time from the happenings in surroundings..
My strongest skill
People Management, Precise and timely Execution, Passion for my work, Grasping the needs / felt needs and converting them into opportunities to drive the planned strategy..!
My role model
Amitabh Bachhan for the way he has made a comeback after a near fatal blow to his career
Kishore Biyani for his vision to see beyond and strength to follow it
Sachin Tendulkar for his humility
Russel Peters for his ability to engage
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