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Dikshith Rai
Dikshith Rai

Dikshith Rai


CodeCraft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


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Company Profile
CodeCraft was founded in 2011. It specialises on Mobile Technology, Social Web Apps, Cloud Computing.  The Core team has been part of top downloaded Apps in the Apple Appstore and well known game titles. CodeCraft is early in adapting cloud services in mobile platform.Quick Lapse HD developed by CodeCraft is the first and the only HD time lapse video recording App that creates HD time lapse videos on the fly, without any Post Processing and also adds audio from the user's collection at the same time. CodeCraft has also developed the first ever water polo video game on mobile platform. This was aired during water polo quarter finals in Olympics 2012. Clients include top medical publishers and gaming giants.
Risk Involved in Business
There are several risks involved. Taking up challenges and diving into solving new problems in a given time frame is by itself a risk. Passion, determination and a bit of experience in handling similar situations in the past always helps. Acquiring new business, increasing revenue, scaling up, keeping up the same quality and meeting deadlines is another kind of challenge. We take decisions based on what is right at that time. We are focused on limited things at the moment and are not diversifying without right plan and team.Honesty is the only way to win customer trust. There is absolutely no point giving false commitments. We need to be practical in business than being emotional while taking  decisions. If the team is good and has a proven track record, and if the issues/risks are identified early and communicated well to the customer, they will surely understand.
Critical Decision
There are many decisions that were critical at the time it was made. Certain decisions need to be quick. Keeping updated with technology, adapting best business practises in the organisation always helps.
Difficulties Faced
We love to do something unique and useful to the users. Exploring new areas and approaches are often not very simple when it comes to technology support.This is the challenge one has to take to make a difference.
Doing thing differently
There are many things we learnt over time in terms of doing business, policies and using the right tools. We know and understand it better now. We will take care of these well.
Than pointing out three mistakes, I would rather want to mention 3 aspects that helped us is building our company and should be taken care:1) Having a great team is the key2) Contracts are important. Spend time to read it carefully3) Following good process always helps and organises work. Sometimes we feel process is not necessary in a startup. This is a wrong Notion.
Choosing People
Though we are a startup, we have a very good interview process. We do not compromise on quality. We choose people based on various things: - Technical knowledge(Developers and QA) is most important ,- Knowing what is new and good in technology, Apps space is equally important.We evaluate if the person understands and is clear about what he/she loves to work on and why we do have regular meetings, code reviews, discussions on various concepts, brainstorm ideas with the team on improving the usability and overall quality of the services we offer.
My Role
One has to wear multiple hats in a startup. I used to code when we started, But now there are many other challenges that needs my attention more. We do have a great technical team and my involvement is limited there. I still participate in code reviews and discussions when I am not doing my regular work.
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