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Deepak Nagar
Deepak  Nagar

Deepak Nagar

CEO - PC Doctor (I) Pvt. Ltd.

PC Doctor (I) Pvt. Ltd


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Important decision
Well..the first, and very critical was whether to get into business or not. Coming from a non-business family, the decision was even tougher. With strong support from family,I went ahead and stepped into the world-of-business. The next difficult decision was to continue or stop Electronics CAD business with was growing but overall industry was shrinking. We decided to close and get onto a growing industry soon to see Electronic CAD industry reduce to namesake.
As IT start-up, we again had to choose whether we want to be a product selling company or Service experts. After a thorough analysis of our strengths and market scenario, we chose to be a service provider. As we went about building a services business we saw IT products market become dangerously cluttered. With entry of large format retailers, many companies went out of business. IT Services business decision proved to be a blessing in disguise.
Couple of years from now
I see ourselves as consolidating our position as a strong services provider for IT equipment and setups. As the influence of "cloud Technologies" increases in market place we are developing our competencies in support and maintenance areas of cloud technologies. The devices for accessing the Internet are growing at an alarming pace, we will soon start services for non PC devices which is an emerging market. We will scale up the business thru Franchise program and make quality IT services reach to smaller cities where IT equipment shipments are soaring up.
More about myself
I want to talk a bit about the common challenge that any service business faces. Its about scaling up. Unlike products business, where you can produce extra quantities with a press of a button in an additional plant, service business has to be grown bit by bit, keeping strict control on service quality and ensuring consistency over an extended period of time. This inherent characteristic of services business makes them "hard to grow" and "hard to kill" as against product business. With ground breaking innovations, product companies are exposed to bigger risks of extinction than service companies. In the end, balancing things, what is hard to grow, stays for long.
My role model
My Role Model is Mr. Narayan Murthy of Infosys. Being a first generation businessman, he, along with other co-founders built a strong services company in a very short span of time providing employment to thousands of young engineers in our country and brought in precious dollars into our economy through software exports. He was very instrumental in building leadership through Infosys in International Services market our country continues to enjoy. All this while, he maintained his "another citizen-of-this-democracy-profile", never showing his wealth, or painting bright pictures for himself. Kept away from controversies,wrong-doings, distanced himself from people and companies who were indulging in unethical practices. Did charity and founded a company that provides venture capital to aspiring entrepreneurs. Retired and returned back to Infosys to see it back to glory. All this in a span of around 35 to 40 years is incredible.
Initiative to develop a country
Well..first and foremost, every professional must become and remain a good human being throughout his/her lifespan. That itself will take care of many problems that a nation faces in its path to development. Once the "Common Mass" are good human beings, it makes an intangible ecosystem for good initiatives, great practices, UN-compromisable integrity, committed and responsible governance, enterprise-social responsibility etc. All this makes development far easier to attain than otherwise.
As professionals, all of us must look at our pursuits from the angle of development and ways in which they are going to contribute towards the larger goal. This must be done day in and day out as we go about living our lives
We must look at changing life, economic and geographic patterns which have potential of giving birth to new industries. Try and do some research around those phenomena to authenticate the potential. As professionals we must not be "ME TOOs", and come out with something new.
Ensuring success
There are things on organizational front and personal front. At the company we do lot of things that ensure that time , money and energy resources are spent on right aspects and in the right ways so that the company stands to gain maximum out of that. For example, ensuring that a customer acquired once is serviced well at all times and never signs out. That way every new customer acquired contributes to growth. We keep analysing our own and related industries and probe for areas where we need to develop new competencies which will add to growth thru additional revenue streams. We train our people regularly so that they grow within along with organization.
On personal front, I read books on variety of subjects which help me broaden my perspective. On any day, I know more that what I knew yesterday. I pick up a hobby and advance thru it in 5 years span before selecting next. Everyday, I try to do justice to all the ingredients of life ie work, family, knowledge, health, environment etc
Influenced by
My mentor and co-founder has influenced me the most this far. His ability and determination to pursue variety of things, in business, hobbies, family life and in just about anything that he does. His positive attitude and quest for knowledge is something that influences and inspires me all the time.
Degree that I recommend
I intend to take up MBA from a reputed institute sometime in future.
Important lesson learned
Yes couple of them :

1. Never shy away from a problem and take alternate routes. Face it head on. High chances are that you will solve it once and for all.If you shy away, that problem will keep showing up at different junctures in life.

2.Never be a "ME TOO" person in life our in business.
My family background
I come from a family of teachers and I am brought up in high-value-system. Married with a son who is studying in 7th and my wife toggles efficiently between our business and home making.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
If you talk about schools up to 12th, its anything but good. Most of the private schools, that have mushroomed all over the cities, are run like shops and there is no control over quality of education imparted. There could be exceptions, but those would be very few. People from most sections of society do not even consider govt run schools as an option for their children. Things are slightly better in colleges and higher/professional education institutes. However, its still far from being optimum. There is immense scope of improvement and transformation in our education system. Here are some of the measures I feel can help improve the situation :
1. Central and specially state govt to uplift image of 'Govt run schools" and encourage middle class to admit their kids here and ensure quality education.
2. A Policy for strict check on private schools so that they do not run schools like "Profit Centers" only. And its successful execution.
3. Every school to have feedback system.
My achievements
Well there are some:
1.Have made it in the world of business, not coming from business family.
2.Have built a mini service brand called "PC Doctor" which is held in high esteem by all our customers.
3.Coming from hinterland, managed to jump-over the " Conversational English" language barrier which was a must to succeed in this mega-city.
4. I am able to keep balance in work and personal life and broadly able to do full justice to all aspects of my life this far.
5. I have done something different in the industry and kept that thing "profitable".
6. In an industry like ours where employee attrition is dangerously-high, I have been able to retain bunch of people for an extended period.
My strongest skill
Here are the ones that I feel are :

1. Commit and deliver attitude.
2. Treating no-work too-small to do.
3. Customers first, profits next.
4. Treat people with respect.
5. For praises, look at team. For criticism look at self.
6. Everything needs to be earned.
7. Not a believer of short-term success.
8. Communicate well under any and all conditions.
9. Time is and will always be of essence in all pursuits.
10. Calm and Composed, no situation is worth a shout
11. Uncompromisable honesty and integrity
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
1. Obsessive passion about what you do/work.
2. Care for people.
3. Honesty.
4. Team Centric
5. Relationship-farming
6. Wealth-sharing.
7. Ability to judge people.
8. Dynamism in decision making.
9. Vigilant about industry
Brief description about me
I am a commerce graduate from Rajasthan. As a student I was very passionate about starting and profitably-running a "services" business which should be a trend setter of sorts in the given industry. Back then, I did not even know which industry it would and if I will get that opportunity at all. I was employed with a CAD services start-up in early nineties and was later absorbed as managing partner. There, on-job, I learnt intricacies of services business and what it takes to provide satisfactory services consistently over a long period of time. In 1998 I got the opportunity of co-founding my current company which was initially called Fore Front. With a strong desire to raise the bar of service quality in IT industry, PC Doctor was launched as IT troubleshooting service. Soon PC Doctor became popular as a service brand and we decided to rechristen the company as PC Doctor (I) Pvt. Ltd. Last 15 years have been packed with work, action, rewards and shaped up the businessman in me
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