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Dasaradh K
Dasaradh K

Dasaradh K


Padmasri Dr. B. V. Raju Institrute of Technology

Favorite Non-Academic books
Who Moved My Cheese - In the corporate environment, management has been known to distribute this book to employees during times of "structural reorganization," or during cost-cutting measures, in an attempt to portray unfavorable or unfair changes in an optimistic or opportunistic way. The common retort to the message in the parable is that it is a "patronizing message for the proletariat to acquiesce.
My Advice
• The upcoming teaching community must come forward with a great passion and motivation towards their work.
• The open minded nature is highly required in adopting new teaching methodology and technologies.
• Remember that we are the teachers. It is important for us to be like a "superhero" figure in the eyes of students by our manners and technical knowledge.
• Set specific consequences for breaking the rules. Decide what those consequences are and then implement them consistently.
• Great educators form strong relationships with their students and show that they care about them as people.
• All teachers must have some unique qualities, which will made you recognizable and help you to have a long career in teaching. Always remember “Love you Job, but don’t love your organization. Because we don’t know when organization will stop loving us!!!”
Important Lesson
I came from a very ordinary family with less monitory advantages throughout. When I had to go to school with all rich kids, I understood I cannot compete with them otherwise except in studies. Hence I learnt the biggest lesson from life that “If you born poor, this is not your mistake but if you die poor, that’s definitely your mistake”.
Strongest Subject
My best favorite subject is Automata and Compiler Design Theory as this subject will help the students to understand concepts in automata theory and theory of computation, Identify different formal language classes and their relationships, Design grammars and recognizers for different formal languages, Prove or disprove theorems in automata theory using its properties and Determine the decidability & intractability of computational problems, which is basic of any computer research. I also have published three books as
• Introduction to Automata & Formal Languages - A comprehensive text book for under graduate as well as post graduate level. Published by the publication house of “Hitech Printing system “Hyderabad -50001 1st editions in 2010. pp 250.
• Introduction to Automata & Compiler Design - A comprehensive text book for under graduate as well as post graduate level. Published by “PHI Learner Pvt Ltd, New Delhi-110092. 1st edition in 2011.PP 376. (ISBN 978-81-203-4234-7).
Most Rewarding Moment
In the year of 2005 as a result of my hard working teaching nature I got selected as Subject Matter Expert and Resource person for Special Training Program conducted by Government of Andhra Pradesh, with JNTU-H as Academic Partner and Infosys as Industry Partner. As a result I got “Rashtriya Gaurav Award” and “Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award". Based on that recognition received, now I’m getting invited for teaching from across India for GATE, IES and PSUs aspirants.
Future of Indian Education System
There has been generally a growing awareness of the necessity to change and highly demanding environment. Clearly, no simple, single uniform approach can be applied with the expectation that significant improvements of the system will occur. We can consider:
• Integrating the commonly polarized goals of education; i.e. the goal that focuses on transmitting knowledge with the goal that emphasizes the development of the individual student.
• Adapting teaching to different student characteristics by using diverse methods of teaching.
• Integrating the curriculum by developing inter-disciplinary curriculum units that enable students to acquire knowledge from different disciplines through a unifying.
Outlook about increase students’ participation
Students play a very important role in the society. Student’s life is the most impressionable period of life and during this period. In India, education signified knowledge of the self. Education meant character building and drawing out the best in each individual students are vital organs of nation. They are future citizens, who can become "Nation's most needed" categories i.e. producers, protectors, philosophers etc. Producers produce the needed items which may be related to food, electronic, engineering arenas etc. Protectors protect the nation. Philosophers guide the nation.
About Me
I have done schooling from AP Residential School, this place made the transformation from an average student to Good Academic Performer, then B.Tech from Sri Vidhya Nikethan, Thirupathi, AP, this place made me to learn many things from multi cultured environment and M.Tech from JNTU, Hyderabad, A.P. I am doing my research on Advanced Image Processing from JNTU-H. I started working as a Lecturer in CSE Dept. at S.I.T.A.M.S, Iruvaram, Chittoor; A.P. for One Year, In February 2001 joined Padmasri Dr. B. V. Raju Institute of Technology as Assistant Professor in the CS/IT department till August 2006.During this 5 years as Assistant Professor, was Instrumental in setting of labs, introducing of new courses and maintained good academic standards and discipline and introduced many innovative teaching methodologies. In 2006 September became Head of the same Department.
Way to motivate Students
When a student disengages from class, it is a good opportunity for any teacher to notice what methods we are using. Some practices may be fine for most students, timed tests, independent learning time, self-checking methods. There will be students who not only do not connect with these methods but who suffer negatively when we use them in our teaching. If a student begins to disengage, be aware of the methods we are using and look for patterns. This will also help us be intentional about using a variety of methods with our class further engaging all of them.
Family Background
I was born in a very diminutive village with farmer parents with less education. But they had a dream for me to see. I got into schooling in AP Residential School based on merit and then into Engineering.
Outlook about way to raise quality education
• Shortage of teachers is something that ails the entire system. Not only technical colleges like engineering and medical but even secondary education system is facing a dearth of academic staff.
• A more transparent and fair system to evaluate the performance of teachers and educators. Currently, even the worst and laziest of teachers know that they have a lifetime job guarantee with annual increments and much more.
• Government is already taking initiatives to modernize the Education Systems and making new collaborations with foreign universities. Those activities should be taken in fast track and will be monitored.
• We already spend tens of thousands of cr. every year. If the funds allocated for actually go towards the construction of schools and colleges in rural areas and small towns.
Most Challenges facing by students
Somewhere between a fifth to a third of the million students graduating out of India's engineering colleges run the risk of being unemployed. Others will take jobs well below their technical qualifications in a market where there are few jobs for India's overflowing technical talent pool. Beset by a flood of institutes (offering a varying degree of education) and a shrinking market for their skills, India's engineers are struggling to subsist in an extremely challenging market.
My inspiring personality
Few most remarkable names come down to my mind the time I think of Role Models in Life. First of all Prof. L. V. N. Prasad, I came across this great personality during my study of Bachelor of Engineering. His guidance me in my initial days of career also and gave a huge mental 881984 technical support and his motivation towards achieving the excellence in every aspects of life made me this, what I’m today. Another great personality influenced me a lot and told the importance of time and discipline, Mr. T. M. Reddy from my school. But mostly my employer, Padmasri Padmabhusan Late Dr. B. V. Raju, , who worked towards people 18 hours per day till his age of 82 and Present Chairman Mr. K. V. Vishnu Raju also made an significant importance in my life by his encouragements.
Unique way of teaching
• Incorporate innovative teaching methodology, technology and assessment techniques so that all the aspects of students can be measured and betterment.
• It is wise to assign one or two more substantial assignments on Monday and then collect these assignments on Friday.
• We may want to have a quiz every Friday to assess how well the students are grasping the material.
• We can judge how well we are teaching by how well the majority of our students perform on the quizzes.
My priorities
I spend most of my time in planning activities for students like technical workshops or hands on technical trainings. In short the student centric activities. I also involve myself in social work like conducting Blood Donation camp or conducting free computer literacy programs for rural people and schools.
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