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Bunty Thuk
Bunty Thuk

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My family background
i stay with my mother and father, have been married for 15 years now... wife latha thukral son neihal thukral and daughter vurvi thukral..
My role model
chanakya... the king maker... selflessness and the believe in him self.
Brief description about me
am a hard core sales guy migrated to marketing then operations, till 2008 i was working, since after i started my own consulting firm and have been working closely with regional retail groups supporting them with end to end solutions...
recently started to work on technology merger's between technology company and a manufacturing marketing firms to get the mutual benefits.
Degree that I recommend
learning the art of better living... self esteemed... more than that learning the art of unlearning....
Important decision
i have been an idiot for 40year, 41st year realized the world is an practical leverage area with variable ethics as per it required.
My strongest skill
fast learner / fastest implement. consistent confident business communication. informative to required communication knowledge for confident execution.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
lending listening ear... accepting human error's as natural and protecting them... if not knowledgeable being informative to share and impart.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
horrible production houses, without any directions and results.. always projecting .1% result of toppers neglecting 99.9% looser.

basic economics knowledge is the important thing to be thought for better future India.
Ensuring success
constant unlearning, and learning new process. being focused. one should learn to say no on right time to right decisions other wise life will be a mess.
Couple of years from now
surly successful business man..
My achievements
have given employment to poor to sustain initially, imparted knowledge to learn the growth path, share the same with other to multiply.
Initiative to develop a country
share information on dynamics of economy which is the basic thing... as 95% of the Indian urban or rural does not know basic banking calculation, they do not know what is the meaning of GDP, what is the meaning of actual rescission, do not know the dynamics of saving and earnings. how do u expect our country to grow..
More about myself
initiate the information collected by sharing with a common man.
Influenced by
me.... the way i evolved over the years as a better person for self development.
Important lesson learned
thanks to all those people who have utilized me and left, because of them i am a better person today..... without them i would not have achieved what i have and am.
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