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Bobby Varanasi
Bobby Varanasi

Bobby Varanasi

Chairman 881984 CEO, Matryzel Consulting Inc

Matryzel Consulting

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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
Father: Sr. Manager - Industrial Engg, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (responsible for overhaul of figher-craft engines), passed away in 1986 when I was 14 yrs; Mother housewife brought us up. Passed away in 2002. One sister, now married to a Wg Cmdr in the IAF. Middle class family.
Advice For New Professionals:
Unlearning and Learning is a continuous cycle. Gaining degrees without learning applicability of knowledge is a career-killer. Focus on value creation, instead of thinking "me" first. Careers are only made by "thinking" individuals, not by replicating, but by taking accountability for outcomes.
Degrees That Matter:
Academic degrees enable gaining knowledge, while certifications impart skills. Both are necessary. Reverse the outlook: focus on outcomes, and work toward gaining relevant skills/ degrees that enable consistency with delivering such outcomes. Meaningless pursuit of degrees has no admirers.
Growth Strategy:
I learn about socio-economics and industry-sector trends; debate with peers worldwide to gain knowledge; speak at events to distill realities; write articles on various aspects; apply the same in my consulting engagements; pursue value-creating goals and prove their impact in client deals.
Career Profile:
Lead & deliver on advisory engagements across the world; accountable for end-to-end (sales to delivery), mktg/branding, P&L et al. Difference - the buck stops with me. In my previous role I wasn't the final leader. But lessons remain the same: focus on outcomes, and getting it right the first time.
Other Thoughts:
Young professionals please focus on applying your knowledge. Academic pursuits are only a means to that end. What you don't know is more crucial to career than what you know. Abandon the "sense of entitlement" that plagues youngsters today. You don't deserve until you achieve it, period.
Job Profile:
My role: Lead client acquisition and delivery initiatives globally; identify new advisory practices; maintain & enhance client relationships; provide thought leadership and visibility to firm globally; manage P&L; nurture partnerships; ensure flexibility & focus on tangible outcomes for all clients.
Plans For The Future:
Growing my firm to become the best advisory firm in the socio-economics/ globalization space. I want to create over 500,000 jobs for underprivileged people in villages/ slums of Africa, India, Brazil, Indonesia. I want to ensure socio-economic endeavors are mainstream pursuits by private firms.
Required Reading:
Poor Economics (Abhijit B/Esther Duflo); Post-American World (Fareed Z); Global Crises Global Solutions (Bjorn Lomborg); Enough (Roger T/ Scott T);Common Humanity in the Information Age (Aliye PC, GAID); Technopoly (Neil Postman),;;
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Acknowledged as One of top 25 most powerful Globalization Powerhouse leaders in the world today (Oct 2011). There are others too: First of 12 Certified Outsourcing Professionals in the world (and the only Asian) in 2006 - a coveted experience-validated designation in the global sourcing industry.
The Decisions That Matter
My previous employer refused to focus on advising govts. So I started on my own, and am pursuing my dream successfully for over 6.5 years now. Razor-sharp focus on long-term goals is crucial - my first decision not to take up any job but only in financial services in 1996 to going solo in 2006.
The Journey So Far:
large firms-heavy baggage, decision-making atrophy, blame-fixing mindsets; goal is to keep the lights up, engaging in value-less pursuits. Small firms constrained for capital, risk-aligned n willing to chart own course. Entrepreneurial mindset is a must in all firms to survive. Exciting n humbling.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
"sense of entitlement" is at its peak today; corporate outcomes and career growth have been delinked. People expect to be rewarded just to come to work! Dealing with uncertainty is crucial - no one's enabled to tackle future. Learning & taking risks will assist; rest will become obsolete.
Done Differently:
No I wouldn't do anything different. What I have learned so far is illuminating, and humbling, while pushing me to create further value. What I am learning now, doing now is a consequence of the career I have built. The only thing I wish I could change would be to have my parents beside me!
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