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Bipin Domy Thomas
Bipin Domy Thomas

Bipin Domy Thomas

CEO, Domy Innovations Café

Domy Innovations Cafe


Bipin Domy Thomas is a member of:

My role model
Steve Jobs.
For the vision he dreamt & worked for.
His strive for perfection & precision!
The beautiful combination of design & functioning his products offer..
Initiative to develop a country
Look for reasons. Why am I doing this? What's the point I try to make?
Once you have the clarity, go for it!

Believe & take chances.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
I learned from Indian schools and colleges and if I'm asked to comment on the same, it proves that our system made me eligible enough to do so and therefore it is not that bad as most of us might think.

There're areas I believe needs improvements. For instance, I've always believed that not everybody have the same interests or IQ levels. The schools should play their part in helping our children identify their potentials and weakness and plan accordingly. Don't try to make everybody Dr. Kalam or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. We need Sachin, Rahman, and Big B. We need Narayana Murthy and Azim Premji.
Degree that I recommend
Degree in Computer Applications,
Certification for User Experience Design 881984 Development
Brief description about me
I'm an entrepreneur with expertise in User Experience Design & Development, Gamification, Cloud, Mobile and Social Media. I founded Domy Innovations Café, a company that converges technology and creativity, with the mission to build awesome products that are useful, useable, affordable, and beautifully crafted.

With over 10 years of software experience in product development, I have built offshore development centers, joint product development teams, and web systems architecture, design and development. I have worked with various global clients including Microsoft Corporation, Wipro Technologies, and Hewlett-Packard.

I also serves in advisory positions for various product development companies helping them with technology & creative activities. As the CEO of Domy I drive the vision of the company and has successfully put the company on a growth path.
My strongest skill
Analyse problems & recommend technology solutions, User experience design & development, Gamification
Couple of years from now
Running World's best Software Studio.
My family background
Born in Kanjirappally, Kerala in 1982, I'm the eldest son of Mr. Thomas K. Dominic 881984 Mrs. Marykutty Thomas. I've a younger sister 881984 brother. Father is retired 881984 mom takes care of the home. My brother, Abin George Thomas is Creative Services Manager in Domy. My sister Elsa Maria Thomas was the Head of the Department in Lorven College, Bangalore before joining Domy as our HR Manager.

I'm married to Pamila Jose, who works as an Engineering Manager. We have a handsome kid, Evan Domy 881984 he's more famous in our family circle as "Kuttappaai".
Important decision
The first one was to leave HP to join a startup company when I was awarded the "Mother of Pearl" at HP 881984 was offered a career boost. I preferred Sakhatech because I wanted to build a new team from scratch, wanted to try something I hadn't done before 881984 wanted to live the life of an Entrepreneur!

The second biggest decision was to leave Sakhatech 881984 completely dedicate my time for Domy when I hardly had any balance in my account 881984 had to make Domy profitable, in less than couple of months time!
Ensuring success
Two things:
1. Make sure your existing clients are happy, no matter the size of the project. :)
2. Dedicate 30% of the time for something new! And never stop doing that!
Important lesson learned
Everything has a different perspective than what you see the first time. If you're not happy with something or somebody, try to visualise from their perspective or at least as a third party! And when you know "Why so?", you'll feel much better!
Influenced by
My wife, for loving me unconditionally in spite of knowing the fact that I could be such a bore. :)
My achievements
I've loved every moment in my career starting from the 100% hike I got from Ditro on the 3rd month I joined the company. Getting & offer from HP and later winning the prestigious "Mother of Pearl" award were dreams came true. The recognition I got from my clients & management during my tenure in Sakhatech as the Technology Head is something I would cherish all the time.

Still, I believe that my biggest achievement is when Microsoft Israel recommended Domy Innovations Cafe to be the World Wide design partners of Microsoft Ventures, for the quality of work we delivered!
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Lot many qualities can be listed as required for a good leader. To name a few: Faith & faithfulness, patience & quick decisions, ethics & love, motivating & inspiring.

In short, a leader should be somebody people could look up to & say "Hey, I want to be this guy!"
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