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Atma Prakash Nayak
Atma Prakash Nayak

Atma Prakash Nayak

Lecturer in English

Department of Higher Education, Odisha

Blogs (122)

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Most Rewarding Moment
It was the last class of the day.The students were dog-tired. So I started the class with humorous interactions. The class was over and I was packing up my bag to take leave from the class. A few students approached me and told, "Sir, we really felt great in today's class.We were hungry and tired but your teaching overshadowed all." I smiled and told, " You are all hungry and so am I. But your smiles empowers me to draw the best in me."
Outlook about way to raise quality education
1.Respectable salary to the teachers
2.Implementation of standard Student-Teacher ratio
3.5 days of the month should be dedicated to develop the professionalism of teachers by sufficient exposure,books,discussions,seminars,etc
4.Use of internet in education
5.Preparing the students to upgrade his favorite skills so that he/she can make a career out of it.
Future of Indian Education System
The education is becoming more and more theoretical or virtual and gradually it losses its productivity and connection with real life.
Favorite Non-Academic books
Nothing special but I graze like a cow if I see the grass is green. I read what pleases me.
Most Challenges facing by students
Students are not made to become industrious or skillful. Present day students KNOW SOMETHING but THEY DON NOT KNOW HOW TO DO SOMETHING.
About Me
Yes, why not?
Way to motivate Students
I say close your books. Smile and let us discuss. If, in the mid way, we stumble let us check the books as a reference material.
Important Lesson
Teacher makes a living example to the students. So he must embody all the best qualities of life in deeds and not simply in words. It is because the students have microscopic eyes to enlarge and see the REAL YOU.
My priorities
Self-reading and acquisition of knowledge by the teacher himself/herself should be his/her top priority.
My Advice
Sincerity and depth of content knowledge. And it comes by committed efforts.
My inspiring personality
I had a teacher by name Sri. Pravash Mishra. He was a good mixture of knowledge and friendliness. He was a great teacher who could teach his students connect his teachings to solve their real life problems.
Unique way of teaching
Sufficient scope to cross the boundaries of syllabus and put creativity as one of the major parameter of education.
Outlook about increase students’ participation
One sentence : ensure productivity in all the undertakings
Family Background
Father, Mother,Sister,Wife and a Son and myself.
Strongest Subject
I can not say that I am strong in my favorite subject i.e. English but I have a flair for learning English because my teacher had created a love for the language in my heart. That is why I am teaching English to students till date and side by side I am learning the language too.
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