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Ashutosh Kumar
Ashutosh Kumar

Ashutosh Kumar

Sr Operation manager US market



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My views on India Technical development
CORRUPTION: Having said that let me explain, the money which should go for research and innovation doesn't even get talked about let alone getting funded. No balance and check on different plan and policy run by Govt/ All failed or in ICU.
Another Biggest reason: POPULLATION, this country have to feed and manage at various different level with thousand numbers of issues & need to satisfy various needs which dragging this country behind and no political leaders would like to talk about it.
We Indians do not have a proper knowledge to get our innovation registered.. Else our history record will let us be as Pioneers in most of the field.
In reality there is no real democracy. we are still fighting on Cast , creed , Reservation , minority and many issue created by own, why to divide ? , why can’t? we all be just Indian , and every one with same right & Policy , why to divide between poor and rich , why different kind of taxation for people, who is earning more or less, two kind of policie
Excellence in Management
Better Facility , Stress Management and low attrition , quarterly survey , better incentive plans , Participation in employee success and listening them all the time.
Handling Grievances
Half of the grievance is take care if Management and Managers are there to listen there employee and better communication within Goal and best way to achieve and looking carefully and giving importance to the problems and finding solution and involvement of employee before making any decisions helps to sort out all the problems .
Tech Management matters more on
work done within time line , budget , without keeping team members in High pressure to get excellent out put .
Important career decisions
Flowing with the flow , never tried to resist and try to give my best in all possible way .
Family background
Belong to middle class family , had almost all the basic facility & i love them & get lots of love from them this line cover almost all the story. :)
My advice
Just don't think about profit, Invest time and trust in people , if inner light is lightning it will show the right direction , work for people , other thing will fall down in right direction . Believe in your employee and that pure believe will lead the other things in right direction , keeping goal and sharing thought and ideas as whole . At the same time keep providing wake-up pill in all the areas , where ever required , in form of Training , and throwing light on Goal through different medium.
Ensuring Growth
I relax when feel like relaxing , eat when feel like eating and work when feel like working. Try to do the things in Totality.
Current Job description
Working as an Operation Head for US staffing/IT Services Company with 200 employee , Responsible for Client management , People Management ,IT Managed Services, Staff Augmentation ,Vendor management ,Onshore-Offshore - Global Delivery Models, Project Management.
Improving Operational efficiency through Productivity improvement measures.
Quality Delivery & Client satisfactions.
Business Responsibility:
Building Business Strategies.
Managing personal and professional life
Transparent organization is the KEY

1) First, make sure senior leadership is aligned.
2) Close the perception gap between senior leadership and middle managers.
3) Help people understand the true financial impact of decisions.
4) Put mechanisms in place for communicating vital issues to frontline employees.
5) Prepare managers to answer tough questions.
6) When you have bad news, treat employees like adults.

Employee Forums. Newsletters. Communication Boards. Standards of Behavior Updates.
Team Management
Aggressive on task , gentle in behavior and enough space to breathe. WHEN TASK ASSIGNED WITH PROPER CHECK AND BALANCE ALL INTERACTION TAKE PLACE IN RIGHT DIRECTION.
Influenced by
OSHO , Spiritual Master , why : He touched me to the core of my heart with his real intelligence , and helped my to connect to my roots and made me mature enough to handle the out come of life as it is .
Awards and Recognitions
Excellence award for Best delivery Manager and Operation Manager .
Excellence award of being most favorite employee of the year .
Leadership qualities
1 Don't only Lead By Example : Be an example.
2 Passion. A leader without passion isn’t a leader. He’s a paper pusher. Or a taskmaster. Or a government employee… Passion drives a lot.
3 Be Organized.
4. Take Ownership and Responsibility.
5. Communicate Effectively
6. Be Brave and Honest.
7.Know Your People
8. Great Listner
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