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Arindom Dey
Arindom Dey

Arindom Dey

Hewlett-Packard India Sales Private Limited

Microsoft India


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Family Background
I belong to a middle class family from Assam. My father was a professor of a regional college,shifted to Kolkata in later part of his career and mother was a house wife but she was my main motivation factor.I am married from last 5 years with Nidhi Srivatava who is also a communication professional.
Contribution to the field
I joined Hewlett-Packard India on 5th Dec 2011 and taking care of marketing and communication for Personal Systems Group.The ecosystem here makes you to understand and learn the business functioning of different verticals like Manufacturing , Retail , Degital and different micro-vertical sectors.
Importance of On line marketing
There is an increasing need for digital marketing role in the corporate world as it's one of the most cost effective medium to reach to your target customers. Online medium is very effective lead conversion medium to get real time response from your audience unlike print or radio.
Harvard Business Review Magazine ,
Marketing is creating the demand in the market while sales is fulfilling that demand.when you do all activities to reach mass audiences and consumers to create demand then you are doing marketing and when you are reaching with your prospects one by one via direct calls then you are doing sales.
What suggestions would you like to give to the aspirants who want to make their career in Marketing only?
Think out of box but should be realistic and practical
Branding creates percive value of a product or company which indirectly influnce the customer acceptability. So proper branding is very important for long term business growth.
Importance of sales
Sales is the backbone of an profitable organisation and ultimate goal. Without sales no organisation can survive unless it is an NGO or Govt Org.Business is about adding value to the customer, and the customer is the only person who determines whether you’ve added value by buying the same.
Importance of 4ps
Marketing decisions generally fall into the four controllable categories: Product, Price, Placement, Promotion.
products firms need to create a successful mix of 1) The right product 2) Sold at the right price 3) In the right place 4) Using the most suitable promotion
What can be achieved
I dont think that a good marketing person has any limit in the corporate world.
Achieving Targets
by helping them to create new leads for their business, understand their regional challenge and run local campaigns,supporting them with all product informations, feeding them with market share report and competitor status.
Future trend
Now marketing is heavily shifting towards online and social media both in B2C and B2B space where you will get quick result but cost effective
Role in an organization
taking care of Marketing and Communications for BusinessNotebooks, Workstations ,Desktop,ThinClient in B2B space. So my role is to create value proposition of these products and taking them to enterprise customers as well as SMB segment through different mode of communications (Digital,Print,event)
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