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Arindam Dutta Choudhury
Arindam Dutta Choudhury

Arindam Dutta Choudhury

Quality Engineer

Artech Infosystems


Arindam Dutta Choudhury is a member of:

- Expert
Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
Back in 1940s, after leaving Indian Navy my grandfather joined Electricity Board of Assam as a technician. Thus my family became domicile of Assam. Mine is a Joint family. My mother works in Electricity Board of Assam. My Brother works in Assam Medical Dept as accountant.
Currently working at
I work as Quality Engineer in Allscripts Software, Bangalore.

5 Yrs of experience in Software Testing.
An Expert in US HealthCare Domain - ICD, HIPAA, HL7.
An AGILE methodology practitioner.
Experienced in various facets of Software Testing.
An avid Technology Learner.
Role Model
Amir Khan.
He always seeks perfection. Each of his film has aired a new thought.To make his projects impeccable he does extensive research on it which indicates his dedication to his work. Every time he tried to surpass himself which indicates an urge for self -improvement.
Parting thoughts
Want to take a course on Nature/ wildlife Photography & then work for Discovery or National Geographic :)
Essential Advice
You should always look into software with suspicious mind. In short, be a Non-believer. Ask questions to Developer even if they sound trivial. Be an out of box thinker. Derive negative scenarios as many as possible. Be a good team player, develop good soft skills. & Learn database concepts well.
Most Important Decisions
I have not made it yet.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Working as Key Contributor in ICD 10 Implementation.
Involved in reviewing the Functional Specification Document.
Doing the Requirement Analysis.
Doing Defect Triage. ( member of defect Triage group).
Handling scrums or Sprints from QA side.
Involved in writing the Sprint Test Plan, RTM.
Degrees that Matter
Software Testing Training from IT Brainshapers, New Delhi.

I would recommend readers to take any Automation / Database course.
Points of inflection
In 2009 I changed my domain from Telecom to Healthcare.
Plans for the Future
An efficient leader, may be Testing Technology evangelist.
A Fine Balance:
It is difficult but I try to maintain the balance on day to day basis. At times I'm asked to stretch in office. Then I make sure that I give more time to personal life when work load is minimal. It is learning process & depends on how do I see myself in the project in terms of involvement.
Tech trends to watch out for
Cloud Computing is the next big thing in IT industry. It is already creating a lot of scope in terms of distributed testing. Also the field of ETL / Data warehousing interests me. I would be very much interested in working in these fields.
Most Important Lessons
If you are a good team player, a diligent soul and a good learner then you can make your own profile in office. People will treat you as Mr Dependable.
Changes in the industry
It has changed a lot. Earlier QA section was just a Department in the office. Now it an integral part of Agile Development. These days people are giving more emphasis on Automated Smoke testing. As industry is moving towards Agile Development, QA folks are getting a chance to perform diverse roles.
The Journey So Far
Its been a learning session of 5 years! I started my career in a Chip design company. They taught me how to find defect in a product which looks impeccable. I became familiar with UNIX & shell script.In 2009 I joined a Healthcare IT company & since then I'm busy in learning Healthcare IT concepts.
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