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Ariful Islam Mondal
Ariful Islam Mondal

Ariful Islam Mondal

Director - Data Analytics, Data Science

Crisil Ltd, an S&P Global Company


Ariful Islam Mondal is a member of:

Upcoming trends
Old Trends:
-SAS, SPSS, Excel VBA, MS Office, Cognos, Data Stage, Knowledge Studio, R, SQL
New Trends:
-Big Data Tools and Technologies (Hadoop, Mahout, PIG, Hive, etc.)
-Cloud Computing
-Data Visualization
-JAVA, PERL, Python, Revolution R
-Platform based solutions
The technologies in our industry keep changing over period time. But now it is shifting towards the platform based solutions. From the career point of view learning new thing always give us a boost if we can keep the basic right. All tools and and technologies are evolved to support the same old techniques and methodologies, so should not forget the basics. Tools and Technologies are enablers only, but in Analytics industry you would require improved and smart technologies to develop solutions for wide variety of complex problems and tackle huge amount of data. Earlier only the people from quantitative background were in the field of Analytics, not we need people from each and every stream starting from comp sc to designer
My Strongest Skill
-Strong Team Player and I value people
-Networking and maintain relationship
-Keep things simple and always be positive
-Open to negative feedback for my personal development
-Good at conflict management
-Continuous learning and development and make myself ready for the future needs
-Result oriented and believe in automation, reduce wastage
-Extend helping hands when needed without expectation
-work hard and enjoy hard
I believe it is not important to work longer hours, it is important that you do things which has longer impact with minimal time.
Qualities require to be successful
1. Ability to think rational

2. Ask "why" before attacking the problems, open to take others views

3. Open to learn new things be it technology or process or domains

4. Result oriented

5. Ability to identify own errors & Learn from the mistake

6. Open for receiving feedback and work upon that to improve

7. Ability to communicate the ideas, results/outcomes

8. Avoid redoing tasks

Last but not the lease, be a good human being and honest
Initiative taken by professionals to develop a country
"Charity begins at home!" - All professionals can star good practices at home first. All of us should take good care of our old parents, and do good job in neighbor. The big question every one would have "what change I can bring in alone?" and then entire life we reiterate the same question again and again!!!! We can make small difference alone and together we can make big changes in the society and help India to develop.
Professionals also should take part in the CSR activities from their heart and convince others to take part. Do not waste Fuel and Energies...I would say all professionals should stop malpractice in office and outside office to make better India. Be good then every one around you would be good. Do not wait for someone to start, you can start first! Be the game changer.
Avoiding mistake and connecting right dots
The most important thing is only human makes mistakes! We only do experiments. But as a leader we need to learn from the mistakes! Accept the fact upfront and move on. Always try to look at the big picture! I am still learning, but what I learnt is as leader you need to set up example by doing things and not just managing team or leading team by delegating tasks. I always try to be part of the team, carefully listen to others formally or informally and then share my inputs. Respect others in the workplace and society. A smile can change others life!
One more important aspect is to be positive always and keep things simple. Take the challenges as it come.
I don't do things differently, I do things with lot of integrity and moral values and with convictions. Always try to learn from others and do home works.
Handling risky decision
Yes! In my early stage of career, I was a Fixed Income researcher with one of the largest investment bank. I was doing great and created footprints within 3-4 months time; my compensation was good and had great opportunity to move to abroad. My future was so bright one could not think of at that age! But suddenly I had to move to my native due to family priorities and joined one of the largest retail banks with much lower salary and lesser opportunities. But I took the challenges and with next 4 years I got promotions, compensations became more stable and I have created opportunities for many people. I was the 5th member of the team and within 2 years time we had grown to 70 members supporting across 10+ countries for with analytical and BI solutions for almost all the verticals of the Banks starting from Acquisition to exit strategies for customers.

We were so young and without a leader, but we worked together in collaborative environment to overcome the challenges! Great Success!
Important decision taken
I always believed in people and not the size of the companies. Instead of becoming a manager or leader, I have tried to be hands-on contributor. Love to work with people and take challenges. No work is great or worse to me, I believe work is work and my duty is to perform and get the job done! Tried find ways to do things in innovative way or bring in digital automation as much as possible to create head-rooms for much more work.
One of the most important decision was to join a start-up company in Chennai, where I learnt "how to learn new things quickly and deliver projects when there is none to teach you"! That helped me grow and made me ready to take up any challenges or roles outside of my comfort zone.
My achievements
So far no great achievement! But definitely, I am proud of being part IIT communities, which had changed my life entirely, both from personal and professional aspects. Also, very much proud that I have earned loads of love and respects from many many friends all over the world. And the awards I have received are just came in the due course! But off course the support I get from my colleagues,seniors, peers, subordinates, I really admire!
My advice to professionals
What happens is once we are promoted to the next level, we suddenly find that we have 3 extraordinary legs, 4 powerful eyes and ears, etc. etc. But in ground reality we are confused when promoted, can't handle pressure, stop doing hands-on, start to delegate blah! blah! Some of the upcoming mangers would find moon in their hand-:))
My suggestion would be to slowdown and first learn what the role is demanding from you, what change you can bring in to do the environment better and more productive! Be a part of the team and lead from the front. Allow the team to do mistakes but help them to learn from the mistakes. Don't overreact to the situations, try to understand the situations one at time and solve together. Seek help from other leaders or senior if things are out of your control. Make sure you are taking 100% ownership of your decisions. And most importantly keep things simple...
Concept of Analyst
Concepts are "what you can think, come of with ideas, plans"; mostly on the paper or within your use unless implemented by the same analyst or by someone else.

Capabilities: what you can do or what you have done in reality! Until you do, it remains in the conceptualization stage!
Influenced by
There are many and in many ways directly or indirectly staring from my parents, teachers, classmates, tuition-mates, messmates, friends, my brother and sister and many more. Everyone contributed to make me a better person and to get success. They helped me, supported me whenever needed. Really can't name a few! I evolve mentally and culturally with their associations, associations and encouragements.
My thought on education system in India
I think education system in India slow catching up the developed countries! The problem is India is a Big Country and we always try to find unity in diversity! In reality we do have quality educations for many and none for many! For Poor people it is very difficult to get quality education. At least primary education facilities and infrastructure should be changed. Govt should introduce smart classes, video lectures with an extension to rural environment. Some of the sates English starts after 5th standard and Hindi at 7th standard. But then in national level they struggle! We need to set up standard for primary and secondary education.
Couple of years from now
I have been experimenting with myself for last one year -:) Trying to figure it out where I am adding value or where I can add value to my potential in long run in the industry. But, I guess I would continue to do research in the span of data science and analytics or would take up a role of Management Consulting!
More about myself
I hate rat race. In India kids would miss their childhood. I am from a very remote village and had spent many many hours playing different sort of games and sports without even knowing rules and regulations. Study has been my secondary choice till now. Still, whenever I get time I play football, cricket, carom, swimming etc.. I don't go so called parties, but still I am socially active. My request to parents please do not spoil your child, let them do what they want and someday they would find out what they are good at! That is the big difference with developed country and India, parents are deciding what their child would be in future...very selfish practice!!
Current Job Description
Being a senior manager I am performing many-folds role. Working as a subject matter expert for Predictive Analytics for almost every industry. Leading Innovation and Intellectual Property initiatives for analytics and insights India. Working closely with pre-sales and industry solution units to provide solutions for the customers. Responsible for developing Big data analytics capability development. Support with Proof of Concepts and Offerings. Research and Development in Analytics. Team building and performance management.
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