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Anish Bari
Anish Bari

Anish Bari

Co-Founder and Head- Strategic Alliances, Tantra Consultancy Services

Tantra Consultancy Services


Anish Bari is a member of:

My family background
My father and mother were active participant of Jayaprakash Narayan National Movement in 1974. My father entered into politics in 1977 and currently he is Leader of Opposition in Bihar Assembly. My mother is lecturer of Psychology in College of Commerce. My sister graduated from Symbiosis Law School and currently practicing law in Supreme Court.
Important lesson learned
Every man in the world is better than someone else and not as good someone else. So I believe in continuous learning and value creation. Believe in the power of dreams. Its always good to chase your dream. I don't relate everything with performance rather I relate it with experience. Human life can not be simulated. Performance is just an outcome. I have failed at times but never stopped trying. And that is the thing that keeps me going with imense satisfaction.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Our education system with its linear focus destroys diversity. Firstly, many of them are forced into careers they do not want. Secondly, the model of career canvas destroys the imagination, curbing a sense of choice. The burn out rate is high and little attention is paid to it. Few recognize the agony as a life of regret at 30. It’s normally the age when you will realize that few things you could have done it better. Some people would realize that their breakups were not logical; some would feel that they could have opted for different stream but they could not because of our amazing intellectual society and some would think where the hell happiness is gone.
These things are relevant to the modern cities but there is a lot to be done in rural areas. We say after 10-15 years majority of the population of India would be youth but this also requires to be more responsible. The conversion from pessimism to optimism yet to take place. We need to have society well educated not well trained.
Brief description about me
Graduated from Asian Institute of Management, Manila Philippines.
Co- founder of Tantra Consultancy Services, an award winning start up firm. Recognized as the most promising entrepreneur of the year 2010 by the global organization TiE (The Indus Entrepreneur). Won numerous reputed business plan competitions across the globe and has a very keen interest on entrepreneurship & social innovations. He is also author of “Brush Up Ur quant”; a book for management entrance examinations. An international rated chess player keeps himself connected and mentors the students in India through Yuvolve Youth Forum.
Important decision
Finally it’s almost been 3 years- when I started my first company! The journey of starting a company, working for it and then pursuing higher studies “MBA” from one of the premier institute (Asian Institute of Management) in the world gives me immense satisfaction. This is the perfect opportunity for me to reminisce! What started, as an experiment to find “the talent within” to do something that adds value and justify my existence. I know it’s always difficult to start something that is far removed from the rigmarole of normal stream. There would be a lot of obstacles and frictions. And absolutely it’s not like a rocket science that only few can pursue it.
I realize, the reason I love this field (entrepreneurship) so much is because it is my oasis of hope. It has given me an identity, which is not a legacy but a separate world of individuality. Entrepreneurship has reinforced my belief in the power of the human spirit.
My achievements
I cherish the moment when I got the award for the most promising entrepreneur of the year in 2010 by the global organization TiE (The Indus Entrepreneur). It was lovely working to solve the problem of rural India. Leadership at grassroots was the best project I have been associated with. The reason for this is the application of learning into the environment that is absolutely different as compared to the corporate scenario.

I also felt proud when I got International FIDE rating in Chess (2194) and got selected to represent my country India in World Junior Chess Championship.
My role model
Verghese Kurien who was the sole force behind the success of AMUL (The White Revolution in India) has always been my role model. He was my source of inspiration as from him I started thinking on the lines of value creation and making life meaningful. He demonstrated how a genuine and sincere effort can touch life of millions.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
When you want the power; Give it away: Make people take the ownership and believe in the shared vision.
Walk the Talk: It's always good to keep interacting with superiors as well as juniors.
Quitting is also a part of leadership; Always create a second line leadership in your organization.
Initiative to develop a country
Every professionals need to be politically engaged. It doesn't mean to get into politics. However there is nothing wrong in that. But if any educated youth wanted to enter into politics and serve the country; its very tough. The most expensive part of election is hiring a polling agent who normally takes INR 500-1000 per booth on the election day. If there are 5000 booths then the figure will comes around INR 50,000,00 which is beyond imagination. Casting your vote is important; volunterring as a polling agent not for any political party rather in general. This can really sol For India to be in a band of developed nation; the productivity has to go up. The nominal growth rate and just the figures of GDP won't help unless there is increase in level of education, health and skills. The productivity has to go up. We are fortunate enough to get the best education but it would be worthy if we share our knowledge with others. Politically engaged means take the ownerships for the good causes.
Ensuring success
Review my vision and mission on regular basis.
Influenced by
Verghese Kurien, the hero of The white Revolution in India. And a new world he did create – a world where farmers were supreme. Every day at the crack of dawn more than 10 million farmers of Gujarat begin their milk route, a journey which has given them life of economic independence. It wasn’t always like this.
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