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Anil Kumar Singh
Anil Kumar Singh

Anil Kumar Singh

System Administrator

Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society's Technical Campus


Anil Kumar Singh is a member of:

My role model
Founder - CEO
Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society's Technical Campus.

is my role model because from him i have learned that what is work addiction.
He is a person whose first priority is his job at any cost.
More about myself
"work smart not hard"
Initiative to develop a country
This migration of health professionals for better opportunities, both within countries and across international borders, is of growing concern worldwide because of its impact on health systems in developing countries. Why do talented people leave their countries and go abroad? What are the consequences of such migrations especially on the educational sector? What policies can be adopted to stem such movements from developing countries to developed countries?
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Most great leaders do not become great by chance. It takes a certain type of individual to become a great leader and there are several things that all great leaders have in common. These things are essential leadership qualities that are required for leaders in all areas of life.

To become a great leader, a person must have the mindset of a leader. So, what exactly do leaders do? This question is often answered quite simply; leaders lead. Do you have the essential leadership qualities needed to be a great leader?

The first essential quality required in a leader is integrity. Integrity is something that explains a person's inner values and a person's integrity is displayed through his outward actions. People tend to respect leaders that display good integrity. It is a character trait that is hard to develop, but is often developed from childhood on.
Magnanimity is another essential quality that simply means to give credit where it is due.
Important decision
Get as much information as you can about the situation.
Identify and create options.
Weigh the pros and cons of every single option
Trust yourself, have confidence, and make your decision.
My strongest skill
Leadership skills

Interpersonal skills

Problem-solving skills




The ability to prioritize

Team player


The ability to multitask
Ensuring success
I start out my drive to work each day, with a favorite iTunes song, to get my own engine purring and my mental juices flowing. Periodically, that song is Bob Dylan’s classic, “The Times They Are A-Changin’,” to remind me how fortunate we are to live during a period when our world is so rapidly evolving, and that we must maintain and drive the leading edge of progress. I try never to stand still, never to stop exploring how to better respond to real-life challenges and never to become complacent.
Couple of years from now
I never expect a post.
I always se myself as a successful person.
I want to grow the chain of people linked with me (Professionals or companies)
Brief description about me
A commerce graduate with diploma in computer hardware and networking.
Open minded individual with no biasness towards caste, community, ethnicity, language, region, gender and age. Handled each task/project with sincerity, honesty and commitment from start through end. Believes in leadership through high performance, meeting bottom lines with benchmark outcomes.
Degree that I recommend
my journey of education is continue.
My family background
I am having a joint family having six family members,
my parents, elder brother and his family, me and my wife.

A happy family.
Influenced by
My inspiration are like Sachin, Amitabh, Edison and many more because these are the people Who reached at a level in their life which are our dreams, by their hard labour and determination.

These personalities were not smart from birth but hard work made is possible.

So after knowing these people's history I want to put me in their initial stages, that's why these people are my inspiration.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Indian education system producing functional illiterates? About 200 million people in India go hungry every day, constituting 25 per cent of the global poor who survive without food daily. While rich are becom¬ing richer, the poor are becoming poorer. While GDP grew on an average 8 per cent, poverty alleviation took place at a miniscule 0.8 per cent. An estimated 40 per cent of the world’s severely malnourished children under five live in India. When the stomach is empty, how can one expect young minds to con¬centrate on studies? In my view, the National Food Security Bill should have preceded the Right to Education Bill.

Naturally, the dropout rates in schools is very high in India. Nearly 25 per cent of those enrolled in primary level dropout of school and 50 per cent of those in the middle level dropout of schools and 60 per cent of those who move beyond mid¬dle school dropout at the high school and higher secondary levels.
Important lesson learned
There is no any alternate of hard working.
My achievements
Keep positive and be proud of your achievements
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