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Anil Kumar Desai
Anil Kumar Desai

Anil Kumar Desai

Remote Technical Specialist at IBM India

IBM India Pvt Ltd


Anil Kumar Desai is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
Born 1984 in Gangavathi town, north Karnataka. I am from a middle class & orthodox family. Father is a retired technician. Finished schooling in 2000.Completed Dip in E&C in 2003. To aid my Father, I began my career at the age of 20 in technical services field.
Job Profile:
I am part of Remote Technical Services, IBM India. My primary job is to support Customers for Installation, Configuration & break fix on System x, Bladecenter & Storage products. Also, I write Wiki pages (Internal) to enhance product info, troubleshooting tips and other technical knowledge.
Degrees That Matter:
Yes, always considered to achieve Bachelor of Engineering as academic.
And few important certifications like IT Specialist, VMware, Microsoft.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I did represent RTS, IBM India in Netherlands 2011 for Wiki development and still contributing to develop the contents.
The Journey So Far:
Great honor to work with MNC. Business laws, ethics and rules have shaped me and changing the future. Its been a fantastic learning about the behavior and management. There is been a tremendous growth within myself by nurturing skills and knowledge. Still, a long way to go in service industry.
The Decisions That Matter
I always say "patience" is what I decided to choose to be with. I knew what I was doing so nothing bothered me so far. Ofcourse, one big movement to IBM is a great opportunity and platform to work in this challenging world.
Advice For New Professionals:
There is nothing running away from you. There is nothing ended yet. Do not look at side walkers who might be taking you over because you may loose your track. So, if you really love to be a professional then climb one step at a time and stay focussed. At last, be confident.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
From a pretty decent and cool life to very busy and competitive life. But the change has occurred not in an over night but gradually. There is an equal opportunity given to learn and grow along the sametime.
Working Life Management:
I prioritize the work I need to do for the particular day and finish them first. Medium and low prioritized are given a begininng touch to show a progress in work and updated. I make things visible and clarify to people so that they do not have to wait for my come back or feel incompleteness.
Required Reading: for checking new and latest technologies. because i rely on this platform. to grow their professional network. to know every basic and fundamental stuff.
Career Profile:
I am responsible for hardware break fix support and write RCA for request raised. Raise escalations with field team or L2 and ensure a resolution in time. Also, I am equally responsible for writing wiki pages(internal).Similar to now, except that it was face to face interaction with Customers.
Growth Strategy:
Keeping knowledge updated. Interact, indentify skill level and do more knowledge transfer with team members to grow and help growing myself. At the same it is important for me that I highlight my additional efforts to management for turning efforts into long run successful opportunties.
Done Differently:
Spend more time in Research and development area.
Plans For The Future:
A booming leader who can drive team of youngsters and help open their ways to set goals. I always dreamed in building a strong young technical team to whom I can show a path and move on..
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