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Ananth Baratwaj
Ananth Baratwaj

Ananth Baratwaj

Social work


Important lesson learned
First I will correct the mistake in the question. Please change learn to learnt. There is nothing called failure in life. There are challenges and victories.
More about myself
Befoe I die I would like to see India corruption free
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
A leader should first be compassionate and should master the complex question of distance. He must be close enough to see the smallest of problems and keep his distance while solving them without partiality.
Influenced by
Swami Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Mutt who is no more. He has shown how a powerful person can still live a simple and frugal life and continue enjoy childish pleasures while solving problems of international ramifications.
Couple of years from now
I see myself right here. If the society improves exponentially I will also do so with them.
My achievements
I am convinced that I have not achieved anything worthwhile.
My strongest skill
I perceive links easily and connect things coherently.
My role model
Similar question was answerd and I do not want to repeat it.
Ensuring success
I am more interested in seeing to it that the community (of leprosy patients, cured and handicapped ex-patients, their families) I work for, develops improves and merges with the mainstream society.
My family background
I am the 4th of 5 children and a single son. Decided to remain single and devote my energy to the cause of my choice.
Important decision
That I have to pay to the society all that it paid for me.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
We have to print in gold, the words of Macauley when he first saw the education system in India. Erase completely all that he introduced, an education that convinces you how inferior you are and restore all the best elements of the original education system of our country.
Initiative to develop a country
They can form groups to work all over India, find youngsters most suited for their professions and give them an opportunity to learn from an early age. They could become better professionals in future if detected and trained in time by qualified and experienced people.
Brief description about me
After post-graduation in English and graduation in Law, I have workded as a lecturer of English for law students, then I run a small scale industry making injection moulded components from semi-auto machines and for this work I won the Presidential Award for best enterpreneur. Then I underwent a course en Environmental Education at the same time I learnt French. Then I taught logical reasoning and mathematics in French to vocational training students. Presently representing a Spanish organisation involved in leprosy eradication and rehabilitation of affter patients, family and community.
Degree that I recommend
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