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Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

Manager- Marketing and Sales

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Changes In The Professional Environment:
I have just begun my career when Outsourcing in India was in a full swing. Leading companies now were then the Start up companies. Quality policies, SLA's, performance metrics, Night shifts, globalization were the new terms that were being heard all over. People were just getting accustomed to these new trends. Now these have become an intrinsic part of every day activity. Freshers now are well aware of the corporate world before joining the companies. Comparatively, With the competition now pouring heavily from Philippines and China for Outsourcing, Companies in India are now more focused by implementing the ISO and Data security policies which demands high amount of discipline-ship from the Work environment. Latest market trends, new technologies, in house competition is keeping the employees motivated in being the best among the lot
Career Profile:
Being the Marketing Project Manager of an IT and ITES company, my profile revolves around improving the organization’s market position and attain financial growth. This is achieved by prospecting new clients and enhancing long term relations with the existing clients.Marketing Strategies,Market research,Business Analysis,Branding,Development of Business models, Online Marketing strategies, Regular client meetings play a vital role in my job profile thereby enhancing the business opportunities. My previous job profile was Market Research Analyst which is an integral part of Business Strategy. The Clientele list that we used to work for included Ford, American Express and Cisco. We were responsible for conducting primary and secondary research in order to study the market orientations, trends, performance, penetration and business opportunities.From a former researcher and forecaster to the current profile as a decision maker, the difference is quite evident.
Growth Strategy:
Its all about setting up an example. You cannot impress people as a leader unless you inspire them and lead them by examples. Every day is a new day of learning. One should never stop learning and should always stay in sync with the latest trends in the market. When you practice and follow what you say, that is when people will treat you as their leader.
Plans For The Future:
I would definitely like to see myself as in the highest peak of my professional status which is being the Director of Marketing and Sales.
Job Profile:
Developing and executing strategic, multi-channel, results-driven marketing initiatives and campaigns.
Developing and managing Marketing project plan and communication plan for each project or program.
Branding and Promotion activities, consumer behavior patterns, and campaign performance and other aspects of data-driven measurement. Interpret findings and report on results.
Creating project briefs and instructions to lead the planning and implementation of campaigns
Planning project timelines and external deadlines as well as project milestones and internal deadlines.
Market penetration and Research strategies.
Developing business models and enhancing business opportunities.
Facilitate internal work teams and work flow as well as negotiate and manage vendor relationships and work.
The Decisions That Matter
Graduating from Btech,my first job was as a Process Trainer and Project lead. I was responsible for handling training, designing process flows, customizing business solutions, project and people management.Regular onsite client interactions of high management caliber always inspired me to master the ethics of Management. On Completion of three years, I felt that it is high time that I have to take a leap in my career and decided to pursue my MBA in London which many people resisted as I was at the peak of my career. Banking on my passion, I secured my admission in one of the renowned University in London.Considering my strengths of previous experience, I opted for Marketing as my Major.Success followed when I got the opportunity to work as a Market Research Analyst in one of the leading Market research company in London for Two years. Returning back to India, Without any regrets I now have the job that I love the most which is the result of the most important career decision taken.
Advice For New Professionals:
I always advice what is best said by Richard Branson "If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!". Stay focused, disciplined and be open to learning.
Done Differently:
I would love to see myself as an Archaeologist or an Astronomer. Exploring the unexplored has always been my passion which I always believed to be my Marketing principles. These words fit in the field of Archaeology and Astronomy perfectly. The zeal to explore, discover and research have been my strengths. These collectively have fascinated these fields the most.
Role Model:
Mother Teresa! She stands as the perfect incarnate of Love,humbleness,commitment and Kindness. Irrespective of the region, religion, caste, color and background she served the needy. She set out on a mission to change the world. Her service to the world of needy and poor is unmatched and incomparable. She stands a light house for everyone to be the change that you want to be. The famous saying by Mother Teresa " Our effort might be a drop in the ocean, but that ocean would be missing because of that missing drop" has been the best inspirational quote for me
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I was an Electronics engineer with 3 years of corporate experience when I decided to do my MBA in London. Our Class of 150 students consisted of the brightest students across the world from Business graduation background which was required as a concrete foundation for MBA which I was lacking. It was really tough to cope up with the subjects and be among the list of the top ten bright students. Beating all the odds, I was able to make it to the list of the bright students by the end of the term scoring distinct metrics. Adding to this joy was cracking an Interview for the position of Market Research Analyst in one of leading Market research company in London
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