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Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar

Aman Kumar

Managing Director

iServ Solutions Pvt Ltd


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Important lesson learned
1. The knowledge gets automatically enhanced and polished when it is shared.
2. Referent power is the best team management or team controlling attribute. We must treat our team members like a precious asset. Without the great support from team one cannot get success. I have many such instances where the trust shown in my team made me to stand and deliver. This was achieved despite the fact that I was not aware about the technologies used for that particular delivery. Please show trust in your team and create winning stories.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
1. First of all he should be a leader and not just a manager. One he/she is able to lead from the front, the success follows. A leader must be a great motivator, real hero who lead by examples, protector for the team, team's trust winner, lead from front, consider team members as inevitable and precious part of total activity. Soft Spoken, unshakable, true motivator, lead from front, thorough gentleman, knowledgeable, following participative management theory, great listener, quick decision maker and a good communicator are some of the essential traits of a leader.
My role model
Subhash Chander Bose. Indeed, he was a true leader.
Ensuring success
1. Regular study to attain new skills.
2. Knowledge Sharing.
3. Team development. If team is growing, I am growing.
4. Regularly follow Silicon India:).
5. Strive for new business idea and make necessary plans.
Degree that I recommend
PhD (Management)
Brief description about me
I am PMP certified project management professional having 25+ years of working experience with the organization of repute in multiple domains, functions and varied technologies.
More about myself
In my opinion, every degree student must undergo a compulsory military for three years before joining any corporate/govt organization.
Initiative to develop a country
Spread and follow civic senses among the folks.
My family background
My Wife is home maker and my father is retired officer from Haryana Electricity board. I have grown up from a poor village life to upper middle class urban life. I have seen very lower part of living and good part of living as well. I consider that part as my biggest strength. That enables me to accommodate and excel in every part of professional work. It has been proved multiple times through examples.
My strongest skill
1. Business Management and policy/procedures formulations.
2. Project Management with all nine knowledge areas.
3. Business Intelligence
4. Warehouse Operation and Order Management.
5. Training.
6. Team Building.
7. B2B and B2C sites management.
8. Pre-Sales and CRM
My achievements
1. Formulating a process in warehouse operation which reduced warehouse downtime from 5 days to 24 hours and reduced manpower by 70% during yealry stock taking process.
2. PMP Certification.
3. Functional consultancy in Colombia for Part Business management through efficient usages of available resources.
4. Managed and implemented three projects of high value in my professional carrier.
5. Build a strong team of professional at organizational level.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education System in India needs to be completely reformed. We must have our education system which is object oriented in approach and creates street smart people as compared to academic smart people.
Important decision
1. Joining corporate after leaving Indian Air force mid way.
2. Attained PMP certification despite multiple hurdles.
3. Continue studies along with my professional career. I achieved my MBA(IB) from Amity University in 2012.
4. Married at the age of 21.5 years. I think that was good move at that time.
Influenced by
My Parents. They faced many many problems and every time they fought with courage. I always try to follow them in that matter. Now they are successful with God grace.
Couple of years from now
Probably an Owner of a business.
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