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Anil More
Anil More

Anil More


Baker Gauges India Pvt Ltd-


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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I come from an Army family of Marathas. I have 2 daughters Prachi the elder one is married and doing her Phd in Germany and other Gitanjali, is an MBA in HR & Public Relations from Symbiosis working for HBO a German company in Delhi. My wife Alka is a graduate in Home Science,handles home affairs
Most Important Decisions
My decision to make myself a good metrologist by working in one company for 30 years and in the metrology filed for over 40 years. And now I want to share and teach the young engineers to make a better product.
Role Model
Trying to teach the new Engineers about Dimenstional metrology and Quality engineering. There are umpteem problems in measurement and it give me something to tickle my brain. Some times the challenge is really that gets to you and the success is rewarding.
Parting thoughts
On the other side aircrafts always attract me - its in the air and that is why I did my Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Unfortunately I coul dnot pursue this desire but then Metrology is also quite intersting and challenging
Points of inflection
When I cahnged over from Aviation to manufacturing, from quality to systems and then to development and engineering and now lastly to consulting in these fields.
Required Reading
There are many books written by many Quality Gurus, The web is full of information with magazines,articles on Quality. I guess one cannot just list them down - a person good with net surfing skills can do a lot and find a lot. Ultimately its the expereince one gets & this is not written anywhere.
Essential Advice
QA Metrology is a great field and very big one. One should start with basics make them strong and then move on to the more intricate areas. The deeper yougo the more interstingit bcomes. Consistency in pursuit would make a good Metrologist.
The Journey So Far
42 years journey from a student of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. doing Maitenance of Aircraft to manufacturing Inspection & Measurement,QC to QA, to reliability, Quality Systems,to Design and development and Engineering lastly as a Senior General Manager QA,R&D & Engg.and now an Advisor/consulta
Changes in the industry
Oh yes definitely - continual improvement is key to progress so the field has changed and folwoing manufacturing engineering. Its a never ending learning exercise for me.
Plans for the Future
Well I am 62 years old and I would definitely love to continue my work & use my experince in the field as an advisor/consultant and help people to make a better product.
Areas for the Future
Precision measurement and control(skills) to achieve close parameters - they would be the key responsibles for higher performance efficiency that we are looking for. Processes need very careful engineering to make them give these results. Ofcourse the inputs also matter to give the right output.
Most Important Lessons
It takes lot of common sense along with education and experince to do a good job
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