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Ask Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa for Advice
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Advice Request
Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa
Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa

Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa

IT Faculty

Coxtan College

Thoughts on Education system of our country
In our country, education has been a serious problem since hundreds of years. Few things have changes from Indian colonial times like we have IITs, IIMs with world class standards but we still lack good base. Students scoring 90%+ marks and finds difficulty to get into the colleges of their choice. Now a days, various private organizations are providing courses and most of them are good for nothing, lack of smarter people in teaching. Thousands of terrible teachers all over India are wasting valuable time of young children every day. More terrible, many private organization offers 3 Years degree in just 1 Year, they openly asks students to pay the money and get certificate. From my point of view, following things needs to be fixed at the earliest.

1. Re-define the purpose of the education system
2. Focus on skill based education
3. Reward creativity, original thinking, research and innovation
4. Get smarter people to teach
5. Make reservation irrelevant
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
I am not a leader because I'm still working hard to improve many things. "You must come with solution" this is what my boss told me last week :(. Well, there are three things I am working on:

1. Taking responsibilities and ownership
2. Talking to leaders of my expertise
3. Encouraging peers
My achievements
Good question, in my case, difficult to answer. I'm still in my life, but haven't reached any true life changing goals yet other than still being alive. Pride is a vanity I'm incapable of, but my goals are still set to be free of what has attacked me, to realize my education, and hope for my efforts to one day work to do what I set out to do. Well to answer your question I would like to list some of achievements:

1. Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) (2012, 2013) from Microsoft.
2. Most Valuable Professional (MVP) from C# Corner, Mindcracker Network.
3. Becoming Published Author
Couple of years from now
In couple of years from now, I would love to have increased my skill level enough that I'm able to train others how to do this work. I love this work, and I've found that I really enjoy this. Few technologies I have outlined to explore near future.
My role model
This is very hard question to answer, many people inspired me.

The person who inspired me at tiny age is my high school teacher, Mr. Virendra Dwivedi. I had learned a lot from him. He knows how to behave with different kinds of people. He always taught us with energy and great enthusiasm. I like his dedication towards his works teaching. He taught me that life is a struggle, if you work hard with full dedication you will definitely get success.

Also, I myself is the biggest inspiration of my life. Struggling through various phases of life starting from childhood to now, the one thing that I discovered about myself is I am always a very much positive thinker and have good capabilities of handling situations that is being demanded by time. So, my failures are inspired me lot. I believe that we learn more from failure than success.
Initiative to develop a country
We are already on its way to make India a developed country. However, certain things are still lacking. We should try to improve education system, generate job opportunities here in India, establish good institutions and appoint smart people are few things we can do being as a professional.
Degree that I recommend
Yes. The only degree I am aspiring for is Doctorate, after M.Tech.IT, I will complete this for sure.
My strongest skill
I am in teaching business, this is my primary work. However, I love to work on local web stack technology projects (I am privately associated with SAIL, Steel Authority of India Limited). My expertise includes ASP.NET, MVC, VB/C#, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL Server and many more web stuffs.
Important lesson learned
I’m still in life learning every day, the only lesson I would like to share in a single sentence is "It is possible to live the way we dream".
Brief description about me
My name is Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa, few people call me 'Abhi'. I'm a Microsoft MVP (2012, 2013) and Mindcracker (C# Corner) MVP (2010, 2011). Currently working with an educational organization in Bokaro Steel City as an IT Faculty. In the same organization, I am pursuing M.Tech.IT and planning to continue Doctorate. I penned a book Instant Razor View Engine How-To with Packt Publication, already out there to educate the world.

Before M.Tech.IT I completed Master of Science in IT (distance mode), Bachelor in Computer Applications (distance mode) and certified in several technologies.

I hailed from a distant village named Pipra Khem in Bihar, India and come alone a long way to Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand in June 2003 at the age of 16 Years to get a job and continue study. And that was the time when I saw a computer with Windows 95 OS on Pentium 1 for the first time, and since then, I never looked back.
My family background
My family comprises of 5 members my parents, sister and brother. I am the elder and have 2 siblings my younger sister and younger brother. My father is 53 years old he is a farmer and my mother is a house wife she spend her whole life in shaping us.
Important decision
Yes one decision I made in 2007 to quit pursuing ‘Bachelor in Chemistry’ program and took admission in Bachelor in Computer Applications. That was the only decision brings me here. I was aimless that time, because of my personal financial issues.
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