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Ask Aatif Nasrulla Shariff for Advice
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Aatif Nasrulla Shariff
Aatif Nasrulla Shariff

Aatif Nasrulla Shariff

Sales Manager



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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
Family consists of four members i.e my mother, sister, brother & me. Father expired in 2006 since then am the bread owner of my family. Almost everyone are educated in my family which makes us good to cope up with almost everything passing by in life.
Role Model
That should be my father since he brought me up from the time i was born. Inspired me to handle every kind of situation whatever came through. Gave me every tip and trick to deal with the problems coming up in life. So my role model would be my Father.
Changes in the industry
Pretty well. It has been quite effective which proves it to be good at it.
Tech trends to watch out for
From a career point i would the technology is trending to play a vital role because of which every person has a focus about his career and does not get confused and lost into being something that is not really necessary for his career.
A Fine Balance:
Not easy at all. Sometimes the focus on life decreases while you are compensating every dedication of yours to your work. A simple mind focus can bring up many answers to lead a balanced life. If you want to lead a good life, you need to make sure you work good.
Parting thoughts
I need a focus to be showed when it comes to my career opportunities where in i dont have to walk to a particular place for it but just show the talents being the place i am. Thank you..
Points of inflection
Their have been many curves when it comes to career. Not all companies will appoint you, but their are some companies who just focus on the qualification background and work background & also neglects the real talent that you hold. So education has been the inflection point for me.
Required Reading
That is something that am myself still looking at and have been not easily able to see it.
Most Important Decisions
At first i started my career with Sitel but unfortunately could not make up any higher decision since the process shutdown so movel to Dell Computers and now currently working as sales manager for a private sector which is a weak show to my career.
Degrees that Matter
I havent gone through any of those since i have not been updated with these yet.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
The responsibilities where i had in my previous company were less more than the ones i have now. The targets if calculated are more than the previous ones and also different. I found its easy to sell a product to a person sitting overseas than selling a product to in Indian standing in front of you.
Areas for the Future
Making it user friendly and much more easier to understand.
Essential Advice
Well i would say its a curve point to their career since thats one of the best things that a resume can have listed as.
Currently working at
Handling sales happening as well as the marketing field & convincing every customer who ends up at my desk is what my current profile holds.
Plans for the Future
If i make a career change then i might want to see myself as a brand name.
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